Monday, 13 May 2019

Anti social media. What is it?

n. Communication channels favoured by the aged, and those that don't want to be "part of the conversation".

The use of social media while socialising in the presence of other people.

Anti social media is the reduction of face to face communication from using social media. Generations X-Z generally prefer anti social media to actual personal interaction and share everything in life on line ad nauseum.

Reference the Urban Dictionary.

Are you guilty of using social media instead of personal interaction?  
When in the presence of others do you find yourself texting, checking facebook, emails, twitter, instagram and the like?  If so your social media is becoming anti social.

I would appreciate your comments - do you agree or disagree?

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Anti social media. What is it?

anti-social media n.  Communication  channels  favoured  by  the aged , and those that don't want to be "part of the conversatio...