Sunday, 16 September 2018

What and how should I write?

I have numerous readers asking me if I set the site up myself, did I pay for it? What should I write and how should I write?

Its simple I began the blog in 2007 just when people began blogging. A change fro 2018 when it is calculated that their are 440 million blogs on the web.

I had a passion for e-learning and all the new and what I saw as exciting developments, then it was myspace.

So I found topics, did a great deal of research and began writing.  I have never professed to be a great writer but Im not to bad at telling a story.  Its a family thing.

My advice is to set up your own blog, with Wordpress or blogger for example.  They are easy to use, won't cost you a penny to use.  Your only cost will be your domain name.

What and how should I write?  Find a topic/s that you are passionate about and skilled in and just write.  Tell your story.

I know thats brief but it really is as simple as that.  Oh and don't forget to tag your posts for the maximisation of SEO.

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