Sunday, 16 September 2018

Bullying on and offline - Part 4

So the time had come to go to Xing Tai University.  A 6 hour train ride from Beijing.  We arrived in the middle of the night and herded into a van with no windows.  My sons and I were quite creeped out and wondered if we were safe.

Xing Tai is not on any tourist map.  It is a coal mining town with millions of people.  The roads were not sealed, all dirt so the ride was a bumpy one.  When we stopped and arrived we got out and were stunned.  The University was amazing.  New large buildings, Playing fields, shops and more.

We were ushered into a private dining room were we where treated to a banquet, a welcoming ceremony.  The boys got to meet their nanny and we all had a wonderful time.  Time for bed so we were taken to a new block of apartments especially for the International teachers.   The boys were tucked into bed and I took the time to check my emails.

No one can explain it but I began to hallucinate.  the water cooler was dancing with the TV, the couch was moving.  It was to worst experience I had ever had.  My sons called the lady in charge and they took me to hospital or at least thats what they called it.  I was an oddity.  A westerner with blonde hair at the time.  I was poked and prodded by doctors with dirty white coats on.  They attempted to give me a needle which I strongly and I mean strongly refused.

Im not sure how long I was there but I slowly began lucid.  One problem, now that I was back in reality the hospital was far worse than I thought.  There were rats running around.  The toilets or long drain was piled with faeces.  I demanded to be taken back to the apartment.  I spent the next day in bed recovering.

I pulled myself together and began my duties.  I was there to teach marketing law, to train the staff teaching in the International program Certificate 1V in work place training so that they were qualified to teach and to do an audit on how they had been running the program.  All went well the students were lovely, the staff attentive and management grateful for our help.

The next day I had a message left for me that someone from HIT would be calling me the following day.  I was more than curious.


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