Friday, 13 April 2018

Bullying on and offline Part 2

So your probably thinking what is her problem with such an amazing opportunity teaching in China.  It was sensational.  The students were wonderful my Chinese colleagues amazing and the day trips sensational.  The only problem was getting the students to not cheat on tests.  Crafty little devils.

My young children were able to come along and visit with me for the two week break.  We were so blessed to have Chinese friends that everyday was turned into yet another amazing experience.

After 4 months I returned to Australia.  Now used to being held in high regard I walked back into a world that did not do the same.  The adjustment was tough and the disparaging comments by other staff made me uncomfortable.  They just could not understand why I thought it was incredible. I got back into the swing of things and continued my duties. One of those was working as an ELF (e-learning facilitator), a change manager within my department.  This already had the back up of many staff.  They did not want to change, threatened by technology was a huge barrier.  At this stage my first task was to get staff to use email, yes email.  

This in itself created issues.  Many just could not see the point.  One staff member in particular had over 2000 unread emails and many staff kept wondering why they were missing out on meetings, information etc - WHY- they had been told that no longer would meetings etc be printed on paper and put in the pigeon holes they would be sent an email.

Seriously it was like pulling teeth and I had a constant headache from being frustrated.  Why did I see emails potential.  Did the staff realise the learners used it outside and themselves were being encouraged to use the new student email to contact their facilitators.  Again staff showed resistance and many told learners not to email them.  Resistance was at a high.  

The bullying started then.  Those staff who showed the most resistance avoided me. I was put out in the cold by most.  Even managers told me to slow down as even they were having trouble with change.

Little did I know but the bullying had only just  begun.

To be continued.................................

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