Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Labels and square boxes.

Who ever asked to be labelled. Not me. The need for labels appears to have been developed by those who need a label to define you as a person. Interesting. I’ve been called many things as I’m sure you can imagine huh. Sister daughter wife significant other student teacher lecturer senior lecturer auditor e learning facilitator flexible learning leader and it goes on each label put me in a square box. Argh I hate that. Yes I was happy to do or play each role within paramaters  given but I also had the need in each to look outside the box. That’s when trouble starts murmurs first then subtle changes in the way you are treated then you cop the major consequences. For me it only took management six months to break me. The result a major nervous breakdown at the hands of those with no insight beyond what it says in their books of squares. With so many labels they attacked me at every point. The one label they have not managed to steal from me is innovator the one they most hated.

So be careful out there. Conforming is easy being different tough but oh so worth while

To be continued,,,,!,

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

I was not mad at all.

Reading through many of my old posts I’ve come to the realisation that what people called me mad for was actually my insight when they were to blind to see.  Twitter is only one case in point. I was advised it was a gimmick and I should not discuss it with my tafe students. I was told the same about MySpace. I would be doing the students a disservice. Marketing business students knew more than their lecturers about social media which scared the pants off most,  did I listen we’ll sort of I listened to the needs of my clients not management. Sure I copped it from staff but that is a story for another time.

Monday, 8 January 2018

I’m back!

After a long absence I am back and will be writing daily. I will keep you up with social media and life as I see it. That is the important part my truth, my journey is different to others. We all travel our own roads on our personal life journeys. Here mine will open up. My story.

Anti social media. What is it?

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