Thursday, 6 December 2012

Drive Brilliant Hyundai Road Trip Leg Three - Eden to Merimbula

Drive Brilliant Hyundai Road Trip Leg Three - Eden to Merimbula

On this leg of the trip we had two adventures planned in Merimbula which is on the way to Eden and we were all very excited as none of us had been whale watching or on a scenic flight.
The adventures where Whale Watching leaving from the Merimbula Marina on the True Blue and a Scenic Flight taking in two fold bay, Greenscape light house, Gabo Island, Mallacoota Lakes and Cape Everand with Merimbula air services.
As happens on most holidays things do not always go to plan especially when the weather is not conducive to enjoying some activities.
We were all up early ready for our Whale watching, getting more and more excited.  The True Blue was a lovely tour boat and all made us feel comfortable and welcome.  We all knew that it was late in the season for whale watching but our hopes were up and we were not disappointed.
Yes, we got lucky and saw whales including and mother and it's baby.  The size of the whales up close had us all in awe, such huge creatures but gentle and playful.  An experience not to be missed and one none of us will ever forget and one that had us all with huge smiles on our faces.
Tea, coffee and snacks were all supplied on the trip and the crew were sensational making our trip even more enjoyable.
After the Whale watching tour we headed to Meribmula Air Services for our Cape Everard Lighthouse scenic flight. Again we were all excited but also mindful that the weather had become quite overcast and the fog was low.
We arrived at the Merimbula Air Services only to find that due to the weather conditions we could not take our scenic flight. I must admit that we were all a little disappointed as it would have been such a wonderful time but we understood that the operators were considering our safety.
So, what to do now with the rest of our day.
A team decision was made to do a little sight seeing of our own in the Hyundai i30 Premium which holds the road so well, is so easy to drive and provided much comfort for one and all.
Remember Drive Brilliant

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