Saturday, 8 December 2012

Drive Brilliant Hyundai Road Trip Leg Seven -Gipsy Point to Bairnsdale

Well we are on our way home after an incredibly exciting time on our Hyundai Drive Brilliant Road Trip in the i30 Premium.

We did not arrive at Gipsy Point until around 8.30 pm due to the late charter we had in Narooma for our incredible snorkeling with the fur seals, deep sea fishing and sight seeing.

As we were driving in to Gipsy Point Lakeside Boutique Resort in the dark we had to be careful as there were many wallabies and kangaroos along the way and as we found they were also in the grounds of the resort right next to our apartment.

Silly me thought I could go and feed them on lettuce, after all they eat grass, but when I went out to give it a go, the wallabies and kangaroos just looked at me, as if to say, excuse me what are you doing.  Walking back to the apartment in the dark I nearly stepped on a sleeping wallaby but only realised when it made a hissing noise at me. I felt bad waking and scaring the poor baby.

As there is little open in Mallacoota which  is not far from Gipsy Point for dinner we got a special treat at a low cost of two food hampers left in the refrigerator in the apartment.  One was seafood and the other meat.  We had the option of using the bbq in the grounds of the Resort or cooking in our fully decked out kitchen.

We chose to cook in the kitchen as it was to dark to bbq in the dark.  The meals we cooked were wonderful and we enjoyed sitting on our balcony eating and still looking at the wallabies and kangaroos who were grazing around the grounds.

Then off to bed for us after a big and exciting day.

In the morning we checked out after doing a little sight seeing around the grounds of the resort and looking out at the lake from our balcony which was barely visible when we arrived the night before. We also found in the morning that there is an abundance and huge variety of bird life in the grounds of the resort which was amazing.  Beautiful grounds and if we had time we could have engaged in the many activities provided at the resort, walks etc.


We headed for Mallacoota for breakfast at Cafe 54, a great little cafe with plenty of options for breakfast which we thoroughly enjoyed and gave us the energy for our trip home.

So off we headed, with full stomachs  and decided we would make a quick pit stop in Bairnsdale for a break and a coffee with my parents Coral and John Gascoigne at the family business Gascoignes of Gippsland on our trek back to Aspendale.

Drive Brilliant!

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