Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Drive Brilliant Hyundai Road Trip Leg One - Aspendale to Lakes Entrance

The first leg of our journey began from Aspendale, Melbourne, Australia bright and early in the morning as we had quite a way to travel.  The excitement of what lay ahead had us up early with no complaints about the time as we knew we were going to have a wonderful time.

So we headed off in the Hyundai i30 Premium model for our Drive Brilliant holiday, in comfort and with all luggage fitting into the large boot.  Imagine the luggage that three girls and one guy had. We had no trouble ensuring everything was packed safely.

Listen and watch more about the brilliant Hyundai i30

Our first stop was just outside of Bairnsdale, at the Fun Park where we all went Trampoline Bungee jumping and were treated to a complimentary game of mini golf which had us all laughing non stop whilst we tried to get our golf balls in the hole through various mazes and interesting objects.

The Trampoline Bungee Jumping was amazing, strapped in and holding onto the elastic ropes, we jumped and jumped taking the Bungee higher and higher up to 8 metres.  Once up high you can do flips forwards and backwards.  Talk about fun, again lots of laughter, this time from all of us laughing at each other as we took our turns.  One would think that this activity would not exert to much energy but I can tell you when each of us got off we were exhausted and had found muscles we never knew we had.  So fitness and fun all in one.

I have to say that our hosts at the fun park are the most down to earth and lovely people you could meet.  There are many other activities at the fun park and I would certainly recommend a stop there if you are ever in the area.  You will not be disappointed

Our second stop was Lakes Entrance in Victoria for a surf lesson, through the surf shack. Unfortunately no one can tell exactly what the weather or swells would be like, thus our lesson was cancelled.  Yes, we were disappointed but we made the most of our time looking around Lakes Entrance.

We used various social media to ask our friends where they thought we should eat lunch in Lakes Entrance.  A resounding 'yes' or 'like' set us on a path to DJ's on the esplanade.  We all enjoyed fresh fish and chips and hamburgers.  DJ's is quite a large place that caters for many types of food and is kid friendly.  We would highly recommend taking the time to eat at DJ's

Lucky for us their was a fair on the foreshore, with music, tourist activities, information about various fish and stands for groups such as the girl guides.  There were also water activities on show on the lake, such as group skiing and more.  There were also stalls of hand made crafts which were most interesting and the girls had to keep their hands our of their wallets, well most of us that is, SquEEKz did purchase a hand made mini drum kit.

So with the first lot of travel and activities completed we headed off to Eden.

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