Sunday, 16 December 2012

Drive Brilliant Hyundai - The i30 Premium - Our Review.

We were fortunate enough to take the Hyundai i30 Premium on a 3 day road trip from Melbourne to Narooma and back again.
The weather on the trip took us through rain, slippery roads and some beautiful sunny times with perfect road conditions.
On the trip we drove on freeways, straight roads and some incredibly windy roads with some tricky hairpin turns, that of course one was careful driving through.
The i30 Premium handled every road condition that we had to go through and was so easy to drive through all conditions we were thrilled and as the driver made the enjoyment of driving fantastic.
As there were four of us on the road trip we were at first concerned that maybe the i30 Premium would not be comfortable nor take all of our luggage.  How wrong we were.  The i30 Premium was deceiving from the outside and as we got organised we found the boot space most spacious holding all of our luggage with ease.  Once all in the car we all felt very comfortable with space for those in the front and back seats with ease. We also realised that the car would be excellent when you go shopping with the floor rail that helps keep all in place.  No more rolling around of your shopping or other items, unlike our vehicles were we find our shopping out of their bags and items rolling all over the place.
The seats in the car are well designed and the front seats have many features which meant to us that the car had been research well to provide the ultimate comfort.  Cushioned and contoured for extra comfort.  We played with all the controls for the seats, the heating and the effective climate controlled air conditioning providing comfort for all passengers in the vehicle whether in the front or back seats.
The Hyundai i30 Premium has a top safety rating and all of the safety features gave us confidence that should an accident occur we would be safer than in most vehicles, 7 air bags amazing. 
Technology in the car provided has been effectively designed and well thought out to ensure the ease of use.  We all enjoyed the ability to use blue tooth with the press of a few buttons, allowing for the connection of up to 5 mobile phones, allowing each of us to connect our phones.  We also used the bluetooth function to stream music from our phones.  Again with a few basic set up instructions the ease of use surprised us all.  As none of us have this sort of function in our own vehicles we totally enjoyed the experience. 
The reversing camera was a fantastic addition making the parking experience much easier than in a vehicle without.  The satellite navigation system again was easy to set up for each leg of our journey and kept us on track, accessing the fastest route possible without us grabbing a Melway's to see where we had to go and trying to navigate from a book of maps.
As we had not read up on the manual to a great extent as the driver I got very excited about the rain sensing wipers.  I did not know what was happening to start with as I only hit the lever once to start the wipers and then found as the rain became light or heavy the wipers would adjust the speed they were going without me doing anything else.  What a wonderful feature I found this to be. Allowing me to concentrate on driving without constantly manually adjusting the wiper speed.
We were fortunate to have the i30 Premium with diesel fuel.  Wow what a difference this made to our trip.  The fuel consumption was brilliant, making this a most affordable car to run.
Whilst the Hyundai i30 Premium is stacked with many more features the above ones were the most prominent in all of our minds and allowed us all to enjoy one of the most comfortable driving and road trip experiences one could ever ask for.  The car would appeal to all generations and for us made a wonderful family experience.
We all loved the Hyundai i30 Premium and we would all recommend that if you are in the market for a new vehicle that you go to your local Hyundai dealer and check it out for yourselves.  We are confident that you will not be disappointed.
Thank you to Hyundai for providing the i30 Premium for our road trip.  It was an excellent choice for us and helped to make our road trip 'Brilliant'.
Remember Drive Brilliant.

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