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Drive Brilliant Given Team Activity Three - Community/Social/Entertainment

This recommended activity was to tell you all about my Dream Team.

 My Dream Team was comprised of Mia Obrien, Eligiusz Gomularz and Gabriellene Pi'ilani Laffy (Squeekz).

As it turned out I could not have selected a better Dream Team.

Mia Obrien
I met Mia through Gabriellene Pi'ilani Laffy (Squeekz), we had known each other for a very short time, but we instantly bonded and the Brilliant Drive Road Trip brought us even closer.  Mia had never been to all of the places we travelled to or engaged in any of the adventures/activities.
Mia is a generous and kind hearted person, a single mother and she deserved a treat.  Mia also brought along her talents of being a great photographer, a brilliant sense of humor, an outlook to give anything a go at least once, a positive outlook on life, wonderful social skills and also a great organiser, keeping us all on track and wow how good was she at packing our luggage.  Thank you Mia.

Eligiusz Gomularz
As strange to some as it may seem Eligiusz is my ex husband and the father of my two sons Zane and Zach.  We have known each other since I was 16 and I am now 50 - if you do the math that is a significant amount of time. Over the years no matter what we have remained the best of friends.  Eligiusz has an amazing sense of humor which is one of the reasons I selected him, he is also fantastic with people and helped us to socialise with people we met along our Drive Brilliant Road Trip.  Eligiusz is quite a technophobe, but on the trip he became less so learning how to use the technology such as the Navigation system and the Bluetooth technology with ease.  Eligiusz also has a great sense of adventure and he too was willing to engage in all of the adventures and activities.

Gabriellene Pi'ilani Laffy (Squeekz)

I have known Squeekz for approximately 5 years.  We met through her sister in law a great Australian singer Mae Parker who I have known for around 7 years and have become wonderful friends with.  Squeekz is a wiz when it comes to photography and video which certainly added to our Dream Team giving us the ability to ensure we captured the very essence of our Road Trip.  Squeekz is also a great innovator and provided many suggestions along the way.  A friendly lady, with a big heart and again an incredible sense of humor.  Squeekz also has incredible social skills and as we traveled and stopped along the way she engaged members of each town, village, city in our activities.  On top of all of that Squeekz had never been to the areas we visited on our road trip and I wanted her to see more of Australia, especially the incredible scenic areas.  A girl filled with a love of adventure I knew that she would engage in all of the activities selected with gusto and she did.

Why we made a Brilliant Dream Team:-)

Each person in the team was unique, in personality and talents, all of which added and complimented the Dream Team.  All were willing to engage in each of the set down adventures and activities, allowing us all to have new experiences together.
Along the way we had to make some changes to our activities due to weather conditions and whilst disappointed, we worked well together to find other adventures to ensure we made the most of the trip, usually through our interactions with our hosts for our activities.  As a result the Dream Team added in mini golf, deep sea fishing and going to extra places not on our itinerary such as Cobargo and Bermagui.
As individuals we all are social creatures and thus enjoyed our interactions with the various communities we visited and had a sensational time meeting and greeting new people along the way.
Our Hyundai Bear who we named iBear was a great addition to our team too, as with him in tow on our adventures and activities, people became more receptive to us and allowed us to engage on a more social and fun level.
The outcome for all of us on the Hyundai Brilliant Road Trip was that we all bonded and became the best of friends, believe it or not we did not have one altercation along the way.  We worked as a Dream Team discussing what we were doing or could do and made democratic decisions that we were all thrilled with us.
At the end of the day the 4 of us have vowed to make more road trips together and the planning has already begun.

You can watch and listen to more about each of us and the trip on YouTube at:

Remember Drive Brilliant!


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