Saturday, 8 December 2012

Drive Brilliant Given Team Activity Four - Community/Social/Entertainment

Drive Brilliant Given Team Activity Four - Community/Social/Entertainment


We were asked to crowd source every meal for one day from friend recommendations.  How do you do this, well for us it was through the use of social media.We took to twitter and facebook to ask our friends where we should eat on day one of our Brilliant Drive journey.
This was on our first day between Aspendale and Eden.
Many recommendations came flooding in to all of us in the road crew and we decided on the places to eat from the most popular suggestions.
We did have breakfast before we left on our Brilliant Drive Road trip but by the time we got to Lakes Entrance everyone in the road crew had grumbling tummies due to hunger.
The first place the most highly recommended was DJ's which has a huge menu but being in Lakes Entrance there is nothing better than fish and chips.  Fresh fish just off the trawlers with the best chips we have had in a very long time.  DJ's is a large and comfortable place to rest up and eat great food.  The staff are incredibly friendly and the service fast, not long to wait before your meal is on the table.  Thank you to everyone who joined us in this task and suggested DJ's, it will certainly be a place to stop if we are ever up that way again.


Our first night was in Eden and again we crowd sourced where we should eat our evening meal.  From all of our friends the top spot to eat was a restaurant in Eden called Mystique for fine dinning.
The options on the menu were wonderful, catering for all dietary requirements.  The ambiance was lovely as we all felt so comfortable.  It was a resounding 'Yes' we are coming back here from the entire road crew and myself of course.

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