Saturday, 8 December 2012

Drive Brilliant Given Team Activity Two - Travel/Adventure

Drive Brilliant Given Team Activity Two - Travel/Adventure

Our second suggested activity was to decide on a Brilliant Moment on the trip.
We had so many Brilliant Moments that the team sat and discussed which was the most Brilliant.  It was certainly a hard decision.
I must say that one of the Brilliant Moments was driving the Hyundai i30 Premium for our trip.  With so many easy to use features, comfort, technology and road handling, how could this not be Brilliant and we did Drive Brilliant.
Our ultimate decision however was our charter boat trip out to Montague Island to swim with the fur seals.  An experience that made us all happy to be alive.  It is hard to explain how wonderful this adventure was for us but being in the water with fur seals, swimming all around you, watching you, coming up close to your face (albeit with goggles on) and staring at you and then swimming off, rubbing up against you and wanting you to play more and more with them is just amazing and opens you up to a whole new and different world, one that none of the road crew had ever experienced but would do again in a flash given the opportunity.

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