Saturday, 8 December 2012

Drive Brilliant Given Team Activity One - Travel/Adventure

On this Hyundai  Brilliant Drive Road Trip we were asked to conduct various activities.


Our first activity was 'I Spy'

We needed to show Something Big, Something Funny and Something New.

So here we go:

Something Big

On our adventure we must report that the something Big had to be the whales, the majestic creatures that we were fortunate to see on our Whale watching cruise.

Upon our way back from our trip we also found something else that was Big and we could not resist stopping to have a closer look and take some pictures.  What we came across was a huge bird sculpture at Gumbya Park not far out of Melbourne.

Something Funny

Well we laughed a lot on the trip, not always at things we saw but our conversations and jokes told in the car as we were on our journey.  We did however come across something that we found incredibly funny, something that you would not expect to see anywhere.  The Cabargo home for gnomes with squatters rights entitled truly was interesting and hystirical for the entire road crew.

Something New

Whilst we could have provided pictures of new buildings and the like the team decided that 'Something New' had to be our experience swimming with the fur seal.  None of us had ever had such an opportunity and whilst we were all a little tentative to begin with, once we saw the seals frolicking in the water and lazing around on the rocks of Montague Island, our entire road crew could not wait to get in the water and enter a new playground for us that was not on land but in the water. We were thrilled when the seals on the rocks who were watching us play with the fur seals in the water, decided to all follow suit and a large part of the colony decided to come off the rocks and play with us too.  A magical New experience for us all.

Remember Drive Brilliant!

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