Thursday, 6 December 2012

Drive Billiant Hyundai Road Trip Leg two - Lakes Entrance to Eden

Drive Billiant Hyundai Road Trip Leg two - Lakes Entrance to Eden

Leaving Lake Entrance we took to the road in our Hyundai i30 Premium which we were totally enjoyed.  All were comfortable and I was enjoying being able to control, the radio, CD, phone and cruise control.  Having all of these controls were on the steering wheel which made them easy to use.
We now headed to Eden which was our first night to sleep and eat.  iBear was a little tired after his adventures in Lakes Entrance so we made him a hat hammock in the car so he could rest up.
We arrived at Quarantine Bay Beach Cottages a place on the water with excellent accommodation and incredible host Marj.
We had been booked in a four bedroom apartment which was not on the water.  Marj decided that we deserved water front apartments so she organsied for us to  be in two apartments on the lake, one of them complimentary, how nice is that.  Not expected but greatly appreciated.
All of us had a little time to look around the grounds of the cottages and spent some time on the beach collecting incredible little stones and being intrigued by the rock pools on the lake.  Beautiful surroundings and wonderful accommodation.
Then time for dinner and what a dinner it was.  Marj organised a mini bus for us to take us to a fine dinning restaurant called Mystique, the owners provide this free of charge, so that no one has to drive after drinking.
Liz one of the owners of Mystique came to collect us right on 7pm and was incredibly friendly.
We drove to Mystique which was in Eden itself.
All of us were treated like Queens and a King, the service was magnificent and Rodney, Liz's partner in the business was a real card and had us laughing from the time we arrived.
Then the menus came out - Wow what a menu, you could not ask for better, it would suit any ones dietary requirements and each dish looked delicious.
Drinks were served and we all order various dishes.
Our meals came and we could not believe our eyes, presented so well and when we got stuck into the meal we could not stop eating, conversation went out the window for a while whilst we enjoyed our meals.
Mystique should be high on your list if you visit Eden as you truly could not get any better.  Friendly, great food and a wonderful ambiance.  Treat yourself.
Liz kindly dropped us back at the Quarantine Bay Beach Cottages although it was a challenge getting in the mini bus as we had eaten so much we were all waddling.
Upon our return we all sat out on our balconies and looked out over the lakes talking about our day and how wonderful it had been.
Then it was time for bed after a long and incredible day of touring and seeing the sights in the Hyundai i30 Premium.  iBear even had his own bed so we tucked him in and said goodnight.
Thanks to Mia, SquEEKs and Eligiuz for helping to make this day so wonderful.
Remember Drive Brilliant

What a day and how special we all felt - spoiled rotten by one and all.

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