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Drive Billiant Hyundai Road Trip Leg Four - Merimbula to Narooma

Drive Billiant Hyundai Road Trip Leg Four - Merimbula to Narooma

As our scenic flight had to be cancelled due to poor weather conditions we all decided to do a little touring in our sensational Hyundai i30 Premium.
In this way we still had little adventures sight seeing in places we had never been before and believe me some of the things we saw along the way were amazing and in some cases incredibly amusing.
We discussed where we may go and decided on a little town called Cobargo and then on the coast again to Bermagui.
None of us had any idea of what we would find or see but this gave us the opportunity to see new parts of Australia on our Brilliant Drive Road Trip.
On the way to our first destination of choice Cobargo, a small little town, more like a village, unique and quaint, iBear spotted a dog (stuffed toy) on the side of the road.  Showing compassion we stopped and picked up the dog as all wildlife or animals are as important as others.  He travelled with us to our final stop for the day which was to be Narooma.
Cobargo is known as the working village at the hub of the Sapphire Coast in N.S.W.
Not many shops were open in Cobargo but we did have a great look in a couple of interesting places that had local handcraft objects of all shapes and sizes.  Many of them magnificent.  iBear even got to go on a wombat ride - lucky little bear.
Walking along the street we got a huge surprise, we found a home for gnomes with squatters rights.  Not something you would normally see but nice for the gnomes who were homeless until this plot was found.  We all had a huge laugh and iBear of course had to be in on the action.  I can see you all thinking we are mad and there would be no such thing but we have photographic evidence.
We also found in Cobargo an old train that was actually a restaurant in the main street.  What a magical idea.  iBear thought it was a regular train and was frustrated that he could not go for a ride.
Cobargo is not really off the beaten track and I would recommend for anyone that enjoys quaint little towns/villages to stop and have a good look around.  Oh and they make the best coffee too.
From Cobargo we headed off to Bermagui in our Hyundai i30 Premium, still having a good laugh about the gnomes home we had found and chatting about the incredible hand made artifacts we had seen and the friendly people in the village.
In Bermagui we toured through the town itself and then headed for some wonderful spots for sight seeing and photo shoots.  The views were magnificent, the water crystal blue and there were so many places you could stop and just admire what nature has given us to enjoy. We truly are blessed to have such incredible places in Australia.
We even got lucky and saw some dolphins in the bay, again not expected but what a rush it was for us all.
We found the blue pools in Bermagui, pools that have been man made, so you can swim without actually going into the ocean itself but still be on the edge of it.  Amazing viewing and all of us in awe that such pools existed.
Bermagui would be a wonderful place to stay for a few days to really take in the breath taking sights and enjoy the activities offered, especially the blue pools.
With time getting away from us, we headed out of Bermagui to Narooma.


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