Thursday, 6 December 2012

Drive Billiant Hyundai Road Trip Leg Five - Bermagui to Narooma

On our journey we stopped at the beautiful and scenic spot called Bermagui which is on the coast.

We toured around the coastal area there and we were all in awe of how picturesque the area was.

We all got excited when we stopped to take some photos and saw dolphins leaping out of the water and having a good old play.


After our time in Bermagui we headed off to Narooma where we were staying for the night at the Whale Motor Inn.  We had two brilliant apartments, luxury to a tee.

We ate at the Narooma Golf club.  The food and service was wonderful.  Due to the fact we were part of the competition we were treated again like royalty and provided with extra food especially garlic bread, we ordered three lots and they gave us six.  For desert we were provided with 6 not 4, so we had a ball selecting from the range of options and shared with each other so we all got a little taste of each of the six dishes.

The picture above is of Vanessa our hostess at the Narooma Golf Club and Eligiuz one of my road crew.

The view from the members lounge was spectacular looking over the golf course to the water. A very relaxing place to enjoy ones dinner.

We had some fun with iBear who was concerned about his friends being behind glass and then because he was up to no good we had to put him in the children's playroom.

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