Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Matthew Newton and Bipolar Disorder

I am getting a little tired of hearing what a 'bad' person Matthew Newton is. Yes he has done things such as assaulting his former partners and now allegedly a taxi driver.  I am not here to offer excuses for anyone that harms another but, we must all realise he has bipolar disorder which is a chronic mental illness.  When one is in a manic phase they can do reckless things and more, in a depressive phase they more a danger to oneself - suicide rates are high with this disease.

Matthew is unwell and needs all the help he can get with family and friends, and his medical team supporting him.

There is no cure for bipolar only medical treatment, psychologists, psychiatrists and medication which you must keep up daily for life.

I believe that many who have called Matthew many derogatory names, and claim he is using his medical condition as an excuse for reckless behaviour need to get out of their comfort zone and learn more about the condition instead of being unkind and ignorant.

Here is a link that provides some worthwhile information.


King Crack said...
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King Crack said...
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