Friday, 22 July 2011

How many social networking/media sites do you belong too - Why?

Curious as to how many social networking/media sites do you belong too and Why.  I know my journey began as part of educational and business research, finding that over a number of years I ended up being a member of over 60 sites (none of them dating ones by the way).  Totally unmanageable and as time has gone on I have begun to cull many, also lost passwords have forced me to ignore some.

I am now using only a few sites to keep myself up to date and those which seem to have a practical purpose, yes facebook, twitter, myspace but this less and less, linkden and am now testing branch out.  Of course blogs and my own website are not going anywhere.  

It has been a long journey and as more cloud computing comes into play that is certainly in the mix.

Love to hear about others journeys and what and why you are using particular sites.

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  1. Thanks for another greet post. Keep rocking.


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