Friday, 11 March 2011

It's the (virtual) economy, stupid

I hope you will read this article.  It gives a great insight into the millions being made out of virtual worlds and the games offered.  Scary in many ways, people paying to grow virtual food, create cake shops, run zoo's and more.  Whatever happened to Board games?
Not that I am against people playing games on facebook or other such sites, it can be fun but to be shelling out millions, to play a virtual game is, in my opinion, just not right.

The tactics used by the game creators and marketers is very clever and quite simple.  Appeal to the competitive nature of many and ensure the only way they can get the premium items on the games is through using 'real money'.  If you want the best farm, cafe or Zoo, you will have dip into your bank account to do so. 

For those on Facebook games, be careful as if you put a foot wrong on your facebook profile they can cancel your account at the click of a button, and you will have access to the virtual games you have spent many dollars and hours playing.

I would love to hear more opinions as there is a great deal to discuss here about marketing, psychology and economics.  I am sure that the real Zoo's of the world would benefit from donations to take care of real animals and they now may miss out as folks spend their money on virtual animals - Certainly a changing world:)

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