Saturday, 6 November 2010

" AMES " is a Group for the ( Music & Entertainment ) Industry. By gathering together in one place we all have become a powerful force. AMES accepts all members of the Industry.

Please consider joining this cause and helping out just a little - any help at all even in kind, greatly appreciated in advance

" AMES " is a Group for the 
( Music & Entertainment ) Industry. 
By gathering together in one place we all have become a powerful force. 
AMES accepts all members of the Industry. 

AMES is run on the " Pay it Forward Principle. " 
If someone needs or wants something and you are in a position to help 
( providing they deserve your help ) 
you are encouraged to give it. 
We encourage mentorship and fellowship.

The actions for this page to become an efficient tool for you is simple. 
1. )
Swallow your pride and ask for what you need or want. Some one out there will be able to Help you.

2. )
If nobody responds to your initial request, go through the members and approach the members direct. 
Tell them that you got their contact from AMES and I am sure they will respond kindly to you.

This Group is your haven where you can communicate and find what you need by simply talking to your colleagues. 
So by all means please reach out to each other to help us all to have a stronger hold on our Industry.

Ames is on 12 International sites has over 2000 Australian Industry members. 
It and also provides Fan and Information Pages as well as promoting Australian music World-Wide for free.

Ames needs resources to keep functioning though. 
Sadly it knows it is not in the Industry it supports. 
My costs have exceeded my work. Donations are the only way forward for AMES.
If you would like to support Australian Musicians ... please support AMES.
Donate as little or as much as you like.
How much is not important it is just to help us to keep the Network going.

Thank you for your support,
Good Luck to all.
Tom McLeod
( Australian Music and Entertainment Scene. )

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