Monday, 8 November 2010

'GIMME THAT GUITAR' - Benefit for Harvey James and Peter Mac - UPDATE

Jacinta Cat Gascoigne
WROKDOWN NEWS UPDATE:- Only 10 more sleeps till 'GIMME THAT GUITAR' Benefit for Harvey James & Peter Mac. 

Tickets via Webtickets or Caravan Music Club 

Event - Thursday 18 NOV $35. 

An incredible lineup of the who's who of Australian Rock that is growing by the day. How about Ariel, Mike Rudd, Peter Robertson, Jimi Hocking and now Ian Moss and Phil Manning are joining the party. More to come soon......

Represent Australia in Hollywood USA in 2011 at THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS OF PERFORMING ARTS

Keri McInerney SEEKING Singers, Instrumentalists, bands, Dancers, Models, Actors and Voice Over Actors, Poets, and Variety Acts to nominate to represent Australia in Hollywood USA in 2011 at THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS OF PERFORMING ARTS. 

Please contact me to nominate ASAP. Forms need to be submitted ASAP for first round selections. 


Good luck everyone - hope many will give it a shot:)

Jacinta Gascoigne
Infinite Entertainment
0425 118 595

'Gimme that guitar' - Benefit for Harvey James

Jacinta Cat Gascoigne As some of you already know, Harvey James (Aria hall of fame guitarist, sherbet, ariel, richard clapton, missisippi) is battling lung cancer. He needs all the support he can get in this tough time. Please show your love!

Post your thoughts and prayers to him at this time, say thanks for all the bloody great times, the person, the musician, the artist, who has given so much to all of us over the years.

Attend the Benefit for Harvey if you can.  It will be one hell of a night and proceeds will go to Harvey who needs a helping hand.  Reach out one and all.

Send Your Love to Harvey James12more sleeps to go till 'GIMME THAT GUITAR' Benefit for Harvey James andPeter Mac!

Love and Light Harvey
Jacinta Gascoigne
Infinite Entertainment
0425 118 595

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Working on an article and would love some input:)

Please take just a tick - I promise and complete the following poll for me.  I am working on an article and would love as much input as possible so that the data is reasonable.  I will be reporting back with the results in the article, and on all my other sites:)

Here is the link

Thank you so much:)

How do we turn web and social visitors into followers and fans?

How do we turn web and social visitors into followers and fans?

We spend a lot of time and effort generating traffic, but it seems to me that we could do better at leveraging better value out of traffic generation by engaging visitors better with our marketing promotions to take them on a customer journey that maximizes value for our campaigns. What are the best practices of the group?

This may give some ideas.....

Please share your thoughts through my comments on my blog:)

" AMES " is a Group for the ( Music & Entertainment ) Industry. By gathering together in one place we all have become a powerful force. AMES accepts all members of the Industry.

Please consider joining this cause and helping out just a little - any help at all even in kind, greatly appreciated in advance

" AMES " is a Group for the 
( Music & Entertainment ) Industry. 
By gathering together in one place we all have become a powerful force. 
AMES accepts all members of the Industry. 

AMES is run on the " Pay it Forward Principle. " 
If someone needs or wants something and you are in a position to help 
( providing they deserve your help ) 
you are encouraged to give it. 
We encourage mentorship and fellowship.

The actions for this page to become an efficient tool for you is simple. 
1. )
Swallow your pride and ask for what you need or want. Some one out there will be able to Help you.

2. )
If nobody responds to your initial request, go through the members and approach the members direct. 
Tell them that you got their contact from AMES and I am sure they will respond kindly to you.

This Group is your haven where you can communicate and find what you need by simply talking to your colleagues. 
So by all means please reach out to each other to help us all to have a stronger hold on our Industry.

Ames is on 12 International sites has over 2000 Australian Industry members. 
It and also provides Fan and Information Pages as well as promoting Australian music World-Wide for free.

Ames needs resources to keep functioning though. 
Sadly it knows it is not in the Industry it supports. 
My costs have exceeded my work. Donations are the only way forward for AMES.
If you would like to support Australian Musicians ... please support AMES.
Donate as little or as much as you like.
How much is not important it is just to help us to keep the Network going.

Thank you for your support,
Good Luck to all.
Tom McLeod
( Australian Music and Entertainment Scene. )

Some of my sons friends - being boys I guess:)

A bit of  chukle

Some of my sons mate - Boys will be Boys

Well at least it is a bit of s chuckle:)

New social network created for dementia patients

An incredibly inspiring article - finally tools and technologies are being proven to be valuable without discrimination.

Congratulations to the innovators and all who have worked on this inspirational project - the possibilities are truly infinite.

What Really Drives Young Adults' Purchase Decisions? - eMarketer

An interesting article

Friday, 5 November 2010

Why Social Media Is BS

Please note: Wanted to share this great item posted by Kate Buck.

Why Social Media Is BS - thanks @mvolpe!

I agree, that the social media tools and technologies are only a small piece of the maze.  So much more involved, strategy, planning, need, consultancy and project management - not all as easy as it may seem:)

Sweet Ann VS. Kitto

A bit of fun from the Melbourne gal with the most amazing voice!

KITTO Europe snaps

A taste of KITTO's European Blitz:)

KITTO.....Jack The Ripper!


KITTO - Collision Course

You Go Girl - Australian Talent At It's Best........KITTO!

KITTO has touched down in Australia!

Touch down on Aussie Shores! Kitto heads to Mornington Peninsula, Vic AUSTRALIA Where: Candian Bay aka Jacks Bar When: Today 5th November 2010 from 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm

Fresh from taking Europe by storm leaving them craving her return, KITTO has come home to Australia to Wow old and new fans.

Become a fan and be kept up to date with up coming gigs as you will not want to miss her whilst she is here - KITTO is rockn better than ever.

Let us know where you would like her to play, so no one misses KITTO.

All bookings and enquires to Infinite Entertainment
Jacinta Gascoigne
Infinite Entertainment

Anti social media. What is it?

anti-social media n.  Communication  channels  favoured  by  the aged , and those that don't want to be "part of the conversatio...