Sunday, 10 October 2010

My Little Rose Rose, Rosie, Rosalina, Rosilein, Rosae, Rosum Eternum

Sweet Rose, I was just in the garden tending to the roses you so tenderly cared for when you were here.  The bush with the most blooms is the one with the long stemmed RED ROSES which I always called Rose, as just like you they are tall, slender, beautiful, rich, warm, proud, full of life and their aroma so powerful.  I returned inside to find that your dearest JP, Raphael Labro had sent to me on facebook an image or you my precious girl, created for you and it seems to help us all on this journey that we did not expect.  You my love, Rose in the Heavens.  Here it is for the world to see, share and cherish.

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