Thursday, 21 October 2010

Mobilizethis 2010

Mobilizethis 2010 is 5 years strong and one hopes that this critical conference held at Darwin University and hosted by Bill Wade will continue in the years to come.
Remember this conference is for those physically present and those distantly present.  It is of no cost to participants apart of course for the cost of time.
Time well spent if you are in the educational arena, seeking out the new technologies that enhance the learning experience not only for the clients in education but for those teachers/lectureres/facilitators.
The technologicial revolution in education is NOT new, however it is organic and evolving at a rapid pace.
An excellent comment made today 'Teaching is not dead, Teaching is a most noble profession, Learning is alive and well.  In short some teaching or pedagogical approaches must die and modified, changed and new ways embracing the new age we are in must be explored, trialed and implemented, to ensure the currency of learning.
Technology provides all educators and learners with new tools that when used well, not only enhance learning but ensure the currency of learning.
I still remember the days when overheads were new, when powerpoint was the rage - 'death by powerpoint', when old out of date videos were used, gee even when text books were the main focus of teaching.
There were roadblocks at each stage, people not wishing to embrace the new methods of teaching and learning practice.  Even when educators were supplied with lap tops, so that they could embrace new technologies the resistance was great, same with videos, dvds and many moons ago the publication of books were for the elite only - in China books were burnt.
We have progressed folks, no doubt about it but some of the constraints still seem near impossible to break free of.  Mostly from administrators, management in institutions who are stuck back in time and seem to have a mental block as to how technology can be better than the sage on the stage telling learners what to know, what to do.
Time has come for some to simply get their heads out of the sand, embrace the innovators within organisations and enable them to learn more, remain current, provide them with the time to research to provide best practice and allow them to champion the new pedagogy and work on those resistance to change.
I was most encouraged to hear more about POV Point of View Technologies and the place they now hold in learning and the fact that this will increase over time.
RMIT's presentation too encouraging with their program CreateED, drawing on leaders from within areas in the creative arts arena to encourage all staff to engage, trail, try new things and support them in doing so.  Still a struggle and a hard road but their model and experience to date is heartening.
I encourage all to go to the conference Wiki and learn more from the presentations conducted so far.
I also encourage all in the creative arts arena both in education and the music/art industry to join in tomorrow's sessions which you will find on the wiki site.  Register - it costs nothing - just some time on your part to participate from wherever you are in the world.
Should you be interested in presenting and sharing your experiences, challenges, trials and errors we would love to hear from you.  Please let us know if you would like to present at Mobilizethis 2011.
Embrace, Empower, Enable, Educate
Hope to see may online tomorrow engaging in the live presentations - yep you can do from wherever you are in the world.
You can follow us on twitter #mobilizethis10
Tomorrow is the final day - even if education is not your area, there is much to learn for musicians, artists of any form, media including photography, fashion and design.
Be one of the innovators and not a laggard - it will them be a win win for all concerned.

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