Thursday, 7 October 2010

Long Live Live Music!

This year the Live Music Scene in Melbourne was hit hard with the liquor licensing laws and the effect that these had.  The Tote even had to close it's doors for sometime and many venues, that once staged lived music events, simply pulled them.

Concern was so great that there were a number of sites pop up on facebook and the web, each seeing people rallying to stand up and fight for what was right - Melbourne is Live Music.  The number of supporters continues to grow and it appears that before the November election this year of course, the government and the music industry (I still seek clarification on who exactly this was and is) have made an agreement.  The agreement for your reading pleasure can be found at  just follow their link.

You can also see the groundswell of support on facebook , read comments and know that you will be kept up to date.  This page whilst it was established for Melbourne will ensure that those in power do not rest on just this one document and that Live Music not just in Melbourne by Nationally, is well represented by the people that matter and care - anyone that enjoys music:)

I am yet to fully digest the entire agreement but upon a quick glance, I am just not sure if it is robust enough.  It is well written 'polly speak' that is for sure.

I will return in a few days to give you my informed opinion.

In the meantime, I look forward to reading your comments on the agreement.

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