Thursday, 16 September 2010

Re thinking social networking platforms

After numerous years of advocating the use of social networking platforms for use in educational settings, I am now wondering if my advocacy was misdirected.


As the years go by, the terms and conditions of many sites particularly facebook have grown substantially, and at all times the onus is on the user to keep up to date.  After looking at the current Statement of rights and responsibilities on facebook, I am wonder how anyone even those in the legal fraternity could take in and comprehend exactly what they have signed up for.

Have social networking platforms grown too quickly?  Are users, new users now just blindly accepting terms and conditions they are unaware of?  How can this be rectified?

I still believe that social networking platforms have their place in education and in business, however in every case I urge consumers to become familiar with the terms and conditions set before signing their work away.

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