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Mobile Content: Games, Music and Video Take to the Cloud

Mobile Content:
Games, Music and Video Take to the Cloud

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Mobile phones have become a staple of daily life, so much so that most consumers can hardly imagine going through the day without one by their side. The reliance on mobile devices for just about everything makes mobile a platform that content publishers and marketers cannot afford to ignore.

The continuing advance of smart devices—including tablet-style computers, led by Apple’s iPad—and the growing ubiquity of mobile broadband networks mean that consumers have to make fewer compromises when it comes to the consumption of games, music and video. An improved user experience, and the ability to access an ever-expanding variety of content from the cloud, will attract many new mobile content consumers in the next five years. The ranks of mobile video viewers and music listeners will grow more vigorously than mobile gamers, but gamers will still be significantly more numerous.

In turn, an increasing user base will drive mobile content revenues in three principal streams: subscriptions (streaming music and mobile TV services); direct and pay-per-view downloads (full music tracks, games; and TV/movie/event programming); and advertising-supported (games, music services and video).

The ad-supported component is the smallest of the three, but it will grow at more than double the rate of paid mobile content through 2014.

These developments present opportunities for publishers and marketers alike. The key to success will be in determining the optimal balance of free and fee.

US Mobile Content Revenues, by Segment, 2009-2014 (millions)

Key questions this report answers:

  • Who are the mobile content consumers and how do they access games, music and video on mobile devices?
  • What are the mobile opportunities and challenges for owners and publishers of gaming, music and video content?
  • What is the revenue outlook for mobile gaming, music and video?
  • How big will the opportunity for ad-supported mobile content become?
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