Monday, 27 September 2010

Imagine if you will and then make your dreams a Reality - Educational Point of View Technology!

I have been involved in new tools and technologies for learning for many moons now, well before the days of myspace, ning, facebook and the like.  Not a great deal has really stood out for some time but Educational Point of View Technology, has me thinking and re-thinking how to guide learners in todays learning environment and how facilitators can adapt their ways, to ensure their learners are provided with the best, the most current learning possible.

Imagine being enabled via easy to use and tiny camera's, recording and even live streaming, to help your learners.  

You can make your own little videos of tasks or steps in a process, no longer reliant on crappy old videos or dvd's that are years old.  

You can disseminate the videos you make live, or capture and make available on the net, computers or mobile phones.  

You can save your departments budget by purchasing the equipment which is inexpensive compared to that of a DVD set, enable your department to provide the best and most current learning. 

You can adapt the material any time you wish and you are in control as the creator.  

You can provide just in time learning in the work place.

You can create and provide learning resources that audio visually reinforce learning on mobile hand held technologies, be it phones, iPads and the like.

The possibilities are endless.

If you have not explored this area before now is the time to do so.  Do not be a laggard as to do so will only disempower you and disable your learners.

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