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Engaging Mom Blog Readers with the Right Ads

Moms or Mums are important folks

Engaging Mom Blog Readers with the Right Ads

SEPTEMBER 15, 2010 

Many moms spend hours every week reading blogs on parenting


Readers of mom blogs are committed. According to the “Back to School Survey” by rich media and video ad serverUnicast, most spend between 3 and 10 hours a week reading mom blogs, and they squeeze the blogs into their busy schedules by checking for posts in the morning before their day officially begins, at night when their kids are asleep and during any other free moment they can grab.

The No. 1 reason moms of all ages begin to read mom blogs is not that they had their first child or wanted to connect with other moms—though those are important first causes—but that they were looking for ways to save money. Similarly, the top characteristic of their favorite mom blogs was being budget-oriented, which came ahead of being informative, humorous, relatable or even fast to read.

Moms’ budget-consciousness extends to their consciousness of advertisements, as well. All over the web, they were most likely to notice ads that included coupons or other ways to save money.

Types of Ads/Promotions Noticed Online, by Age, Aug 2010 (% of mom-blog readers)

Respondents also cared about ads’ relevance to their busy and often child-focused lives. On mom blogs, readers most wanted to see ads for items like groceries, children’s clothing and, depending on the age of the mom, baby gear.

Product Ads that Are Noticed or Desired When Reading Mom Blogs, by Age, Aug 2010 (% of mom-blog readers)

Ads for products that were more about mom herself, such as women’s clothing and accessories or makeup, were less popular, suggesting that the context is more important than the audience: When moms are reading parenting-focused blogs they too are focused on parenting.

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