Saturday, 18 April 2009

Tips to Keep you Safe from Company Spies

You will find here a few tips to keep you safe, that I try to stick to when using social networking tools and technologies.

1: Allow only the people you know

2: Allow only the people whose details etc can be checked (google them or send them a message asking for further details)

3: Make publicly only those images that show you in a positive light (family, sport, etc).  

4: Only allow your friends to see all of your images

5: Be careful of the language you use - no employer would like an employee to cuss all the time

6: Be careful of what you say

7: Block anyone who acts in such a manner that it could have a negative impact on your profile

8: Block instantly anyone who acts in a destructive possibly fraudlent stalkers

9: Never divulge your physical address details

10: Keep your profile clean and simple

11: Report anyone harassing you or acting inappropriately

12: Add widgets and gadgets that are appropriate

13: All personal messages should be sent via email, not on the home page of your site

14: Employ the core of the stranger danger strategy - it must be employed and offline:)

That is 14 with more to come.  If anyone has and would like to share more then please add in the comments box

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