Saturday, 18 April 2009

Tips to Keep you Safe from Company Spies

You will find here a few tips to keep you safe, that I try to stick to when using social networking tools and technologies.

1: Allow only the people you know

2: Allow only the people whose details etc can be checked (google them or send them a message asking for further details)

3: Make publicly only those images that show you in a positive light (family, sport, etc).  

4: Only allow your friends to see all of your images

5: Be careful of the language you use - no employer would like an employee to cuss all the time

6: Be careful of what you say

7: Block anyone who acts in such a manner that it could have a negative impact on your profile

8: Block instantly anyone who acts in a destructive possibly fraudlent stalkers

9: Never divulge your physical address details

10: Keep your profile clean and simple

11: Report anyone harassing you or acting inappropriately

12: Add widgets and gadgets that are appropriate

13: All personal messages should be sent via email, not on the home page of your site

14: Employ the core of the stranger danger strategy - it must be employed and offline:)

That is 14 with more to come.  If anyone has and would like to share more then please add in the comments box

Social Networking Spies Hired in Australia by Companies to Check on Employees

I am stunned at what I have read in this article from the age on the 17th of April, Digging up dirt:Facebook Spies for Hire

I am stunned because it has taken so long for the media to report what many of us in cyberspace, using social network tools and technologies, have known for years.

It appears that experts around the world can write, attend conferences as speakers and more are more commonly disregarded until the media in Australia decides to make a report on topics well known to me and many I know globally.

In Australia we have seen just in 2009, major reports of a positive nature, about facebook and twitter.  The result of these reports created a mass influx of users from Australia, with many people thinking this was all new and for many had significant benefits to companies, individuals, charities and offered others such as full time mothers opportunities to create small businesses.

Everyone was right about the benefits, advantages and opportunities, however facebook and twitter were not new, they were either unknown to people, or due to the negative reports  over at least the 18 months before, many believed they were best left alone.  Let's face it over at least a three year period, the media only reported how evil myspace and other tools were, making it impossible for anyone in the Educational arena to convince their management teams of the importance, benefits, advantages and opportunites, in the learning process.

The article I hope brings home to all users that they must be careful and mindful at all times when using any social networking tool or technology.  If you have inappropriate material open to the public or have let just anyone be your friend, you are at risk and your current or potential employment in danger.

I hope that those for civil rights will also work on keeping our rights safe as it appears they are being taken away by stealth.

I hope you will all read this article, bring it to the attention of others and keep all safe from those lurking on the net

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