Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Jacinta Gascoigne A Threat In The Race To The Whitehouse:)

Wow, I have always believed and advocated social networking tools and related technologies, in all forms BUT I had no idea that they were quite this powerful. A joke, it says, and one that I can tell you I did not begin, over the moon however to see my name in so many places and to have it used to show the power of the internet in this networked world in which we live. Jacinta Gascoigne

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Can you live without virtual worlds?

After a forced break from cyberspace due to ill health (yep and even then unable to focus on my beloved computer and numerous sites), I have made the following personal observations - This is the first 20 only - more to come and more detail to come - promise:) 1: No one missed me:( 2: I missed cyberspace more than it missed me 3: Social networking tools/sites and related technologies have gone crazy - so many just since March have emerged - not sure where to start (will get back to you on this:) ) 4: Facebook has more useless applications than ever before and in March it was bad enough 5: More businesses are seemingly using Facebook (those in Australia report to me it is because it is new????? - Where have they been 6: Myspace has taken on many of the same applications as Facebook but there seems to be little response from those in Australia at least in adding them - applying them to sites. Why? Maybe because in the music arena especially most are not of any value 7: Cyberbullying continues as does Workplace bullying or Professional Rape (not in the sexual context - you can have your profession, your livelihood taken away by those who wield their power 8: NSW is taking on google/gmail for learners to use but I have not seen anything about learners being able to use social networking sites (email still seems to be the tool that most are comfortable with - so sad) 9: There appears to be little movement in learners (those in educational settings at least) being allowed to access or even encouraged to explore the various options in cyberspace 10: My learning has suffered to a point however maybe the break has forced me to learn or at least look at all with different eyes 11: Business suffers if you are not able to attend to such (if you have relied on the internet) 12: Friends and colleagues have been busy and appear to be breaking new ground but still remain stuck when it comes to red tape, institutions and government policy (still in the dark ages) 13: Young people appear to be using cyberspace in their own time (out of school etc) to test their entrepreneurial abilities: One 16 year old I know and am using as a case study, goes to school and is doing incredibly well. He then goes home and attends to his business on e-bay (making more around $2,000 a week and takes little time). He himself is now encouraging his friends and even helping them to establish their own business ventures on e-bay. As he stated "no one at school will even talk about the internet, email is even a no no, so it is up to those of us who have the knowledge to help our friends, as school is failing them. 14: The Australian music industry has taken to Facebook, however many are starting to move away or spend less time due to the nonsense they have to deal with (applications sent etc that they have to delete - they do not have the time for this) 15: Myspace for the music industry with a few add ons - Reverbnation and Eventful seem to be popular at present 16: Pulse has just hit the music industry in Australia and everyone appears to be throwing out invites to anyone they know - Arghh 17: Gmail has faults - I lost many emails and no one can explain it to me - BACK UP AND PRINT ANYTHING IMPORTANT 18: Interoperability appears to be on the increase - a good sign 19: Identity Theft appears to be on the increase 20: Twitter is having a fit anytime I try to use it:( Can I live without the internet? Well I did but at a price for what I do - Research and the like, thus personally I could do without, however as a learner, I conclude I could not. Can you live without the internet? That all depends on what you do, why you use it etc etc etc. Oh - last note: I was infuriated seeing elderly people seemingly being used on the TV in Australia as an experiment - watching them and giving them a time frame to see how many friends they could make - NOT ONE MENTION OF THE DANGERS, OF WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN MAKING FRIENDS AND THE PURPOSE OF THE EXERCISE IS STILL PERPLEXING TO ME. I PERSONALLY FOUND IT A DISGRACE (NOT THE OLDER GENERATION WHO TOOK PART - THEY ARE TO BE CREDITED FOR GETTING IN THERE, BUT THE TV PROGRAM SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THE WAY THEY WENT ABOUT THIS AND SHOULD CONSIDER THE DANGER/RISKS THAT THEY MAY HAVE EXPOSED THEIR SUBJECTS TOO - GRRRRRRR IF YOU DO NOT NEED FACEBOOK OR ANY OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE FOR A VALID REASON, THEN WHY HAVE ONE? STICK TO THE PHONE, MAIL AND EMAIL. Back real soon folks:)

Anti social media. What is it?

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