Monday, 17 March 2008

Wake Up All - Innovation and Learning SHUTDOWN WRONG

Al Upton caught my eye some time back when he began to use online environments with such young charges. He has inspired me and many around the world - proving that new worlds bring new experiences and opportunties to learners everywhere and at any age. Now he has been shut down for reasons he can not fathom and neither can I or others that know his work and all the good it has and could bring into the world of learners. Stand up for him now - stand up for learners everywhere - let the world know via your own online worlds, what is going on - the disablement that continues in a world where enablement is so easy if you open your minds and enter new worlds. I have suffered at the hands of the ignorant in the past, I know how it feels to be ridiculed and more and was blessed to have the support of those online who did not live in a world of mediocrity. Whilst I have not spoken with Al, I can only imagine that he is shattered, confused and wondering why the hell this is happening when he has put his heart and soul into his work for the benefit of others. Al you have my support and I will do whatever I can to help. I understand the feelings and hope that with the knowledge that we are all out here and behind you 100% will provide you with a little faith that all is not lost. I respect you, I acknowledge your work and appreciate your sharing and caring. You have taught me much and I stand by you personally and professionally. We will all ride this wave with you, a journey to show just how important and incredible blogging is in the world of learning:) 2008 ... A multi purpose blog - class use, educational dialogue, blog resource and development. An ongoing experiment. I teach at Glenelg School (Adelaide, South Australia) with a passion for professional learning, computer games in education, virtual 3D learning environments and exploring the role of emerging technologies in education. My focus is catering to busy teachers with time commitments, crowded curricula and often elusive lives of their own. My class, the miniLegends are Year 3 students - 8 and 9 year olds. Look for them amongst the meerkats above. I'm also a District eTeacher with the Learning Technologies Group.

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