Saturday, 23 February 2008

Women Bloggers to Watch in 2008

The following article again of great interest to me, again only stumbled upon by another who brought it to my attention. Somehow I made it as number 19 in a list of 25 Women Bloggers to Watch in 2008. Thank you to those who found that my ramblings were worth noting, listing and publishing. Of course any form of recognition is wonderful and I am most grateful. I just hope that now I am back blogging and active again in many areas, that I my ramblings and work, continue to be of interest and worth to others. I also wish to say - GO LADIES - I have now come across a number of groups who are working to pump up the profile of women on the www, believe it or not from what I am seeing on the net, is still what we see in workplaces - the men are more likely to be recognised than the women - I do not think I have to explain this further. Time for change and I am pleased to see others on the move and happy to join in "Infinite Women" my group name:) The articles related to the Top Women Bloggers To Watch in 2008 can be found at: Keep it up Ladies - Stand Proud and Be Loud:) Jacinta

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