Tuesday, 26 February 2008

About Jacinta Gascoigne of Jazazi

About Jacinta Gascoigne and Jazazi Jazazi Pty Ltd ABN: 99 082 074 691 Email: jacinta.gascoigne@gmail.com Postal address: 16 Dawson Court Aspendale Vic 3195 Jacinta Gascoigne is the managing director of Jazazi Pty Ltd. Jazazi Pty Ltd provides consulting, trainining, research, promotions, management, booking service, connections and establishment of national and international networks, grant application writing and a huge range of ‘Infinite Web’ services for the entertainment industry. Jazazi Pty Ltd remains active within the international educational/learning arena, specifically VTE, focusing on the ‘Infinite Web’ The original myspace created by Jazazi was created for Support Act Limited an Australian Charity. Other voluntary tasks for the Charity involved being on the Victorian Committee and: * Fundraising * Events * Sponsorship * Partnerships * Creation of policy documents consistent with all legislation * Strategic planning and future directions * Establishment of productive relationships with the education sector and music industry in Australia and overseas * Working with music industry learners - speaking, mentoring throughout Victoria * Creation and Management of a myspace for Support Act Limited * Writing of reports for internal circulation in Victoria * Writing of reports for Mr Brian Cadd to provide to the SAL board as required * Standing in for Mr Brian Cadd at SAL board meetings, when unavailable * Consultation, Negotiations, Research and Development of projects with interested parties, future and sustainability of the music industry in Australia. This function relates to the development of educational networks for the music industry due to the need for, development of and increased use of e-learning skilling current and future industry members, to work and survive in a unique but harsh industry, providing Australia with a 'skilled' workforce of the highest quality. Jacinta Gascoignes experience in e-learning includes but is not limited to: * Tafe VC/VC3 trainer, developer, consultant to HIT staff * Learnscope facilitation and management * Flexible Learning Leader Scholarship * Portal development * Instructional Designer * Holmesglen Business Services Centre, e-learning mentor * VTE International Project - Project Manager * Creation, facilitation and moderation of Global e-learning connect * AFLF networks community member and moderator * Member of numerous global on line forums and networks * Post Graduate Diploma of International Education with a focus on multi media and e-learning * Lecturer in Marketing, Advertising and International Business, engaging learners in e-learning environments and the use of Web 2.0 technologies * Managing Director of Jazazi Pty Ltd and Infinite Entertainment and Infinite Indie Charity Commune * Creator, Developer, Manager of Official Concert for Max Utility EVI GRANT Fad Gallery Bar Mae Parker fastbuckmusic * Consultant, Strategic Planner, Project Manager of innovation and creation of a hub that addresses identified gaps and meets the needs of music industry members in Australia Jacinta Gascoigne's expertise includes but is not limited to: * development of e-learning resources * mentoring * training * project management * leadership * research * effective use of variety of e-learning tools * business management * new product management * online promotion * online auctions * strategic planning * moderation of forums * effective use of forums - participation and moderation * communication techniques * relationship building, maintenance and expansion * global networking * study, use, implementation and pedagogy related to web 2.0 technologies * myspace development, management and strategic planning *enterprise 2.0 *business 2.0 *speaking engagements *events production and management *artist management *directorship *networking f2f and online Jacinta Gascoigne’s online facilitation experience includes but is not limited to: * creation, facilitation and moderation of Global e-learning connect * AFLF networks community member and moderator * member of numerous global on line forums and networks * use, moderation and participation of online forums with learners in the business services arena * in TAFE * Australian gothic community * use, moderation and participation in various online forums connected to the music industry globally *experience in numerous new and older web 2.0 and beyond networking sites, tools and related technologies That is the instalment for now folks – Now I am tired☺ http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Women Bloggers to Watch in 2008

The following article again of great interest to me, again only stumbled upon by another who brought it to my attention. Somehow I made it as number 19 in a list of 25 Women Bloggers to Watch in 2008. Thank you to those who found that my ramblings were worth noting, listing and publishing. Of course any form of recognition is wonderful and I am most grateful. I just hope that now I am back blogging and active again in many areas, that I my ramblings and work, continue to be of interest and worth to others. I also wish to say - GO LADIES - I have now come across a number of groups who are working to pump up the profile of women on the www, believe it or not from what I am seeing on the net, is still what we see in workplaces - the men are more likely to be recognised than the women - I do not think I have to explain this further. Time for change and I am pleased to see others on the move and happy to join in "Infinite Women" my group name:) The articles related to the Top Women Bloggers To Watch in 2008 can be found at: http://www.moneymakingmathteacher.com/blog/blogging/women-bloggers-to-watch-in-2008 http://virtualwomansday.blogspot.com/2008_01_01_archive.html http://www.magicinblogging.com/ http://www.urlfan.com/local/women_bloggers_to_watch_in_2008/62657719.html http://www.northsandiegobusiness.com/ Keep it up Ladies - Stand Proud and Be Loud:) Jacinta http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping

The Twitosphere

Jacinta has gained a listing in the Australian Twitosphere Facts Stakes - I think that is a good thing???? I had not been on the net a great deal of late, and when checking my twitter profile, I discovered a messaged leading me to a blog where I had been listed as a Top 5er in the Twitter or Twitt Listings. Twitter Facts, is where I am noted but more importantly, I am impressed with the entire article and blog and would recommend it to those both new and familiar with Twitter. Jacinta http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping

Anti social media. What is it?

anti-social media n.  Communication  channels  favoured  by  the aged , and those that don't want to be "part of the conversatio...