Sunday, 13 January 2008

Visible Ink LINK with Jazazi

Dominic of Visible Ink is coming to play in the vast and 'Infinite Web' with Jazazi Pty Ltd and others to be announced shortly. With MORE than 25 years experience in the entertainment, advertising, educational media and media, related industries and the most incredible networker ever on this planet, Why would you go anywhere else? Now out in the global arena, Dominic P. Barbuto, trusting me with his life, in venturing into the "Infinite Web', the opportunities for all, I KNOW are endless. Thanks for coming on board to play Dom. Hope you are ready for the ride of a life time:) We all love you and Andy to pieces xxxxxxxx If you missed his current website here it is again Visible Ink Keep posted for other links that may suprise you - coming soon to Social Networking Rocks!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Internet Access Is Only Prerequisite For Many Colleges Now

Berkeley's on YouTube. American University's hoping to get on iTunes. George Mason professors have created an online research tool, a virtual filing cabinet for scholars. And with a few clicks on Yale's Web site, anyone can watch one of the school's most popular philosophy professors sitting cross-legged on his desk, talking about death.

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The Latest Prehistoric Discovery - Vocational Education and Training in Australia! This post by Robyn Jay, is a gift to all of us wishing to ensure the future of education, the quality and standard, learners, the workforce, business, industry, enterprise, our nation in a globally networked world. Traditionalist policy, IGNORANCE above all has us in this prehistoric place - one rapidly spiralling downwards to a place, a time when only 'critters of microscopic proportions' could be found - A new Australia. An Australia that the world and time forgot! Robyn thank you - I am off to dig out an email that I was sent by management in TAFE - VET in response to a similar query I made a few months ago - it is less in words but it made me speechless (that is saying something). I SHOUT to everyone who cares about education, learning, learners - our children - our grandchildren and beyond, to join us all on this quest - one we CAN NOT AFFORD TO LOSE. Share your experiences, responses from management, access policies and the like. Time enough lost. OUR VOICES, OUR LEARNERS VOICES, INDUSTRY VOICES, ALL WHO HAVE CHOSEN TO LEAVE A WORLD OF IGNORANCE AND MEDIOCRITY AND UNDERSTAND THE NOW, THE REAL, THE FUTURE. UNITE AND DEMAND THE KEY TO OPEN WHAT IS DENIED, TRAPPING, SUFFOCATING AND DISABLING, GUTTING AND TEARING THE SOUL FROM VET EDUCATION, PROVIDERS AND CLIENTS IN AUSTRALIA, LEAVING IT SHALLOW AND EMPTY (LITERALLY, AS BUMS ON SEATS DECREASE). STAND TALL AND PROUD - SAVE VET IN OZ! Jacinta

Facebook FACES EXTINCTION - business flees disabling site!

Got your attention then huh world:)
Here is an interesting discussion by most unhappy facebook users, disabled and in most cases, never able to retrieve accounts. Who makes the rules? Seems that some get favoured over others, which is not really cool.
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Facebook has lost all appeal for me - yep I know the great advocate - well things change as we all know and below is why you will see myself and many I know, make a graceful exit from the world of Facebook, into uncharted waters (yay off we go again - you have to love the challenge and intrigue - a curious cat am I). Waters were commonsense prevail and dictatorships are left behind. For some Facebook is of no consequence - it has no part in their world. For others, it is a tool, not just for social networking, keeping in touch with friends and making new ones - or as originally designed - College student networking. Facebook has caputured the attention of business large and small globally, charities, creative arts industry members and more. In fact Facebook encouraged members of bands or bands, performers, artists to join, as soon as they began to add the music applications and as a great bonus the myspace lift, myspace link, myspace mail and Youtube to name a few. Facebook had the potential for those in the music industry to be their one stop shop - Login to Your Facebook Account and do all you need from within that one profile:
  • IM
  • Skypeconference call
  • WebcamMyspace
  • File sharing
  • Music making and sharing
  • youtube
  • Events
  • lists
  • Posters
Whatever is required can be found - always an application - well if not - you can now easily make your own now or ask a pal!!! The entrance of second life links and more third party sites and applications, encouraged those I know on a journey of social networking - for the music industry - to venture into second life and then begin to search and find other sites that were of interest and value.Myspace Music - Facebook - Second life - and the list forever grows. So for those of us who had put blood sweat and tears into building a profile and network that would add value to and enhance the opportunities of each member in their area of passion. A bonus - mentoring each on their individual journeys to ensure strategic management and use - providing support and encouragement to continue to explore - to not expect, just be and flow as the www does - become one and travel an incredible journey - one that is Infinite....... Bang - an explosion by stealth, your world, virtual yes but part of your real world too - blasted out of cyberspace for eternity. A few who have used a band name - not their own - an error alone as they saw and continue to see so many profiles their before them and still active - all in error - the same error - One that lead some I know to believe it was okay, as so many had been, were and are doing it without a hitch at present time. But no at whim Facebook Disables you - no appeal - bang your dead and so is all that you spent months building. Consider this - the real costs to you:
  • Hours,
  • days of time
  • Increased internet bill or upgrade needed to higher account due to downloads etc
  • Contacts gone
  • Notes you post, videos, pics Access to sites for charities etc gone
  • Credit Card Bill or reduced balance of paypal - donations to causes, purchasing $1 virtual gifts to send to friends, purchasing products or services that are flashing at you all over facebook especially in your area of interest.
A world you spent months developing, encouraged and enticed to enter through the addition of relevant applications, friends vanish, your online tunes and melody creations, emails, birthday messages, neat supportive comments, important info others shared - A world no more - as if it never existed. There are many worlds opening on the www facebook has the promotion and gained momentum but for me and many others it has been a stepping stone to future worlds. The threat of a simple error, seeing your virtual world, one of significance and consequence, in your real world, declared extinct, is simply abhorent and lousy business practice in a ****Networked World (****I think I stole that from "Alexander Hayes" and his incredible networks), other worlds where common sense prevails will be found and adopted. In fact a new headline on this the first day of 2008 - Melbourne Australia Time
Facebook FACES EXTINCTION - business flees disabling site
Some of the content may include: 'Facebook appears to target some and leave others of similar ilk or those who have made a simple error, out in the cold by disabling their accounts. No warning email, no can you please correct this within 48 hours or we will be forced to disable your account - Your next attempt to login is when you know - oh and appeal process - CRAP - they disable and will not do anything to aid you if indeed a simple error occurred - Nothing seven emails later in one case - same nonsense - no logic - no customer service - no sense- FACEBOOK YOU WILL BE THE LOSER!' So that is me on a positive note for the start of 2008 - Yes off on more adventures, smiling all the way. Stay tuned for the adventures and challenges - oh and rants from me in 2008 - An even wilder ride I feel is in store for us all:) Happy New Year To ALL jinxie the cat

I'm Ready to Bail on Facebook - the New Face of Evil

As Mark points out, not only is Beacon a complete and total invasion of your privacy, FB makes it extremely difficult to leave ... and even if you think you've left, you haven't really ... and your data is still there. Will this start a FB exodus?

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Anti social media. What is it?

anti-social media n.  Communication  channels  favoured  by  the aged , and those that don't want to be "part of the conversatio...