Friday, 28 December 2007

Reflection's - honest and raw to the bone - coming soon

I have been in quite a relective mood of late and have begun retracing my steps since my involvement in all things 'e' and beyond. It has begun to look like a book and I will begin to provide you with my story in parts - from the beginning until today. Be prepared for the good back and ugly - nothing will be held back. I assure you - more positives than negatives and even the negatives have evolved once seen as opportunties instead of brick walls. I look forward to sharing and hope you enjoy, yet another ride - the roller coaster with no end in sight - so good as it frees one from expectations and opens ones mind to all thought impossible in the past - nothing is impossible - not if you really want it, that is.


I have already written of my experience of having FACEBOOK at will delete an account created by myself on behalf of another, so they could continue and learn to grow their network.
  • Months and work
  • downloads,
  • internet time,
  • focus on facebook at expense of other snt,
  • sleepless nights,
  • researching applications applicable and
  • selecting friends carefully
  • networking
  • groups created.
Gone at the click of a button. No warning email, no - 'hey can you just correct this and we are good to go'. You are suspeded and advised to write to FACEBOOK for an appeal. Well thus far, three I now know have experienced the same fate. All their work contacts, everything gone. Each have appealed but that is a fruitless excercise - each response - The decision is final. When asked for the exact offence committed, when asked for proof they are doing anything wrong on their sites - it is to late - accounts - DELETED and decision FINAL. I am wondering if facebook has any liabiltiy for the time wasted by three individuals new to facebook - entitled to make an error if in fact they did - and given at least one chance, unless behaviour criminial in nature. Do they get reimbursed for the internet time and downloads they made all to be raped of their profiles. What about the hours of work, researching, being careful to not have anyone join their network that was inappropriate - how is this reimbursed? Yes, I am furious and I am now yet again seeking a world, where I have some form of dialogue and defence if a problem arises as in any COMMUNITY - one of encouragement and support. FACEBOOK is a dictatorship and that is really not up my alley. Many more sites and tools, so off I go again. dictatorship FACEBOOK - you had an edge, you were getting me worked up and an advocate to the death. As FACEBOOK has changed, I choose to change, to find places where I am truly a community member and those who manage the site, show communty spirit towards their users. FACEBOOK, three profiles of those close to me gone, yet others who are promoting business not using own names and more are still active, with the same like mindeness and passion in vaious areas. Is it possible that if you pay FACEBOOK off you will go under the radar? Huge allegation but I can see no other answer apart from poor staffing who are deleting accounts indiscriminantly. The great contradcition for me is that FACEBOOK has provided so many promotional, business applications, promotional and band/music appkications and more, that to rely on any justification that it is purely for social networking, has my brain in a great muddle - exactly what is FACEBOOK again? Could it be that because of deals with FACEBOOK between advertising and promotial deals with businesess etc, mean that they can have no one promote anything via their own individual profiles? Who knows but an answer from facebook I feel appropriate, seeing my three cases, are only the tip of the iceberg, with many experiencing a similar fate and devestation as to how they could be stripped and judged Guilty of a deliberate breach (is such is present) before Innocent. I did not know that Dictorships were a part of an open source world - but in my opinion that is what is appearing here. A dictatorship that provides for its favourites, retarding the progress of others and allowing the favourites to continue and reap the benefits possible (if you are not booted out). Have you thought of what would happen if your profile vanished and you had no rights to reclaim it? Have you backed up your contents, contacts - everything that you have been working with to learn, share and collaborate? Maybe worth a little thinking, as you just never know when you go to login if you will still have a profile, the world you created and tailored for your needs at any given point in time. Mission for me - off to check out more new worlds and will watch with interest if FACEBOOK decides to reflect, consult with users and consider at least the stupidty of their policies at present which are leading I have to say not to just dicatorship but to discriminatory procedures. If you have or anyone you know has suffered a similar fate - join me in the facebook group - at the profile Jacinta Gascoigne on FACEBOOK and also please add your comments here. Jacinta

Tuesday, 18 December 2007


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Anti social media. What is it?

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