Monday, 22 October 2007

Social Networking Tools Rock Away Downunda!

This is a short post - a change for me. One to let anyone out there interested enough know, that the gig that I staged on Friday the 19th of October at MusicLand, was a major success. You got it, three weeks only - 7 bands around Australia, sourced through myspace alone. Worked together through myspace groups and facebook, collaborating, networking, sharing and more - no one - not the bands, the production or event management, no one at all involved had met one another in person. The production went off without a hitch. All pitched in and worked as crew, no ego's, all in fact thrilled when they first met in person, so much so that they wanted to help each other, to make the night a huge success. $3,500 was raised to be given to Max Merritt, to help with his medical expenses, whilst he is ill. Mr Wal Bishop, Max's dear friend and Manager, who put the benefit together for Max, yes not long ago was it staged and what a night, came down for a time to see the bands and say Hi and Thanks. MusicLand, recorded the event live via their recording studio and Asylum TV filmed the gig - not only did they film it, the interviewed each band, interviewed myself and in a few weeks it will be aired on Channel 31 - even all the way to New York. The event, the concept, all, such a hit, that Asylum TV and MusicLand have asked me to continue and we will be doing the same work at least once a month. So, once a month a gig will be staged at MusicLand. The gig will be filmed and go to air as a regular event for Asylum. Each time social networking tools will be the major tools for communication and for guiding those new to facebook, on a journey, that will in time, enable them to create, their own one stop shops - myspace and facebook combined - providing learning, networking, working, collaborating and more - each involved then enabled to search other worlds to see if maybe there is something that suits their way of operating, learning, better. As time goes on, I am sure we will see other tools and technologies emerge, providing such and thus it is only right that any journey one embarks upon, especially when they wish to guide others, that they not be narrow in their thinking and thus enable all users, learners, with the skills and hopefully the desire, to look outside every now and then, to see what else is out there. Back to the gig - each one will be for a charity or a cause in Australia And I will fill you in on the rest in the days to come. On this journey, I came across the most amazing young lady, all of 24, engaged in social networking tools and has experienced the power and benefits. She is a mighty little Rock Chick and her name is Gen - she is the lead singer of Utility one of the bands involved in my project. I am hoping that she may be selected to go on a proposed FLNW journey to Thailand in 2008, to talk to others about the Australian Music Industry from one who is a rising star (and yes she has a manager now, thanks one and all) and about the benefits to her and others in the industry in using social networking tools - how to stay safe, etc, etc. Gen, was so excited about the proposal, that we have all made a comittment to sponsor the journey and will be providing funds as donations to the organisers, should she be selected. We need an ambassador from Australia. We need a young one - one who is industry based and understands the use and the enablement she has felt, through access and use of social networking tools - We need an ambassador, who is real, one who is going to be able to drive home the message in this country, that blocking the access of social networking tools, is disabling learners and it has to stop, before we cause any further detriment to all learners across the nation. Take a look at Gen in action on their myspace - She Rocks and Hey - Social Networking Tools Really Do Rock - Yeh! More to come but now back to the after party.

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