Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Facebook - Friend or Foe?

I vowed to be honest on this blog and that I shall be - a facebook advocate, now considering moving on - here is why? Wow, such an advocate for facebook I have become and now a victim of a policy that offers one no redress, no warning. A policy that sees ones profile disabled and seemingly deleted so as never to be seen again. After a huge week, returning to facebook, I have found that one of the profiles, in fact the main profile created and used for the charity gig with young aussie indie bands, using social networking tools, has been disabled or deleted. Months of workd, ideas, collaborative efforts, learning and connections - vanished and have no idea if I can get it back. I will keep all updated - interesting that this profile was in focus as of the 21st of October at an online conference - slideshare used to share a presentation and more, then 'poooooofffff' vanished into thin air. MMMMMMM - hope it comes back or I am going to find myself, looking outside facebook - for the tools I need - I am sure I will find them, if I must.

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  1. Jacinta this is bizarre and unsettling. You must have felt really frustrated when this happened.

    i wonder what's happened since then .. has facebook apologised or given you back your space?

    Hope it works out :(


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