Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Firm Sues Forum To Silence Critics - Read on, today's highlight for me! I am in shock over this article. The mere fact it can get to court is enough to send me spinning. Not sure how we can alter what is happening in Oz but we need to work out something and quick.If this goes through and a precedent is set, best I look for a cave to live in as I am sure someone will hunt me down and I do not think I will be alone. What a great message in Oz, block all users, scare the parents, sue forums, where I thought we could speak our minds - should I really place a post on my blog about facebook? Should I exclude all negatives from any posts about any sites, tools, technologies? What should I say? What should I share privately? Many questions will be posed if precedent is set, issues for all online forums, networks, bloggers and the like.I am starting to wonder if our bandwidth in this country is so poor that the govt will use the media, industry, parents, all the bad news stories they can muster, so that our nations system does not crash and burn - oops sorry I think I can already smell the smoke. My vent - apologies but this is the work of mad men out of control - albeit they think they are in control. Oh, when did freedom of speech vanish in Australia? Jacinta

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