Saturday, 25 August 2007

Money Spent on Filters - washed away - Schoolboy hacks in 30 minutes

A Short post as I am still laughing - can you imagine what we all could have done with the money wasted by government on their so called 'filter' Picked up your post on the state of play in Australia, regarding the blocking of snt for learners and kids at home (the porn filter) and the interesting USE of snt by those in politics - Mr Howard, Mr Rudd.I had a chuckle when I realised that the government had put out a youtube to promote joining the defence forces during the gap year and at the same time, they were busy behind the scenes blocking the very people that, one would have thought was a key market.You maybe interested in this update. It appears that the incredible filter they have been talking of here, that will keep all children safe, has been hacked by a school boy in Melbourne in around 30 minutes.And how much did they spend on this exactly???? Porn filters no barrier for net users,21985,22303468-2862,00.html I have made similar comments to yours on my blog of late - if you wish to peek -

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