Saturday, 11 August 2007

From The One Who Hates Involvement In Politics Of Any Kind - This May Shock You!

Yesterday I realised that the world of OZ has turned upside down and I fear it is destined to remain there for some time to come. Announcement: Government will do all in its power, use as many resources as required, force all ISP's to apply web filtering programs, blocking pornography and protecting users of the net. Please do not quote those exact words, but to me that is the essence of this ploy. Who do you make your primary target audience for such an announcement? Who else, but 10's of thousands of Christians around the nation (maybe around the globe) There is much I could say about the chosen audience, however I will clip my wings a little and just say: When did those from all the other religions drop off the planet exactly?????? Who is present and speaking as Christians to Christians, bringing such good news to the chosen ones? The PM and the Leader of the Opposition What medium is used for such speeches and assurances that they have the answers and can keep all safe, through blocking all they consider inappropriate? On Stage, broadcast, webcast, podcast - did they know they were using the very technologies they want to block? At this point in time, this creature who detests any involvement personally in politics - I am not good at it, so best leave it to those who are and move on - I am left numb. I am faced with having to vote in the elections in this country later this year and I do not want to see either of these people running not only the country but our entire future. Their traditionalist attitudes, the mix of contradictions: PM uses youtube to market joining the defense forces - uses for other messages Other Politicians have myspace's But All those in educational institutions in this country are being denied access to such sites. To add to it and finish it for me was the article you will find below. I agree with everything said - it is unworkable and should be a crime. What makes my blood boil however is the fact, that they have done this whole 'Christian' gig yet their has been no feasability study conducted?????????????? Time for someone to put a rocket up these people.

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