Friday, 24 August 2007

Freedom of Speech & Social Networking Tools and Technologies - At Odds in Australia!

It appears to me, that as social networking tools are leaping out at those not ready for them (where have they been), that the world is still not ready for them as we are seeing knee jerk reactions, as to their use. In Australia, most educational insitutions have or are in the process of, denying access to as many social networking tools and technologies as possible. We have this article 'Sky's the limit for MySpace' which acknowledges the growth, the power and the ways in which Myspace is being used globally, with no signs of slowing - only signs of infinite evolution. The article talks about the positives of myspace and the benefits it is bringing to so many around the world. I have to admit, that I would question any music business course or any music course that did not integrate myspace into the learning as I would many other subject or course areas. The sooner those responsible for the education/learning of those in Australia, come to grips with the fact that the world has changed and act accordingly, the better off the learners and in the long run, Australia will be. As you will note from past posts, there is much being done in Australia to block all of these sites on campus and in schools. This done instead of helping learners to use productively and safely. No sense to me at all but it is the way it is and we need to see it change. I have just found the two articles below in todays paper and I am now questionning what appears to be the censorship of the private worlds of others. It is great that the article acknowledge the use of social networking tools and technologies - yes they are being used by many for many reasons - believe it or not. Cats axe star's blog Questions: Should those in the spotlight have their rights to Freedom of Speech taken away? Is this just taking things too far? Who is going to check that all footballers are doing what they consider 'right'? Does this mean the AFL is going to create a policy that is fair to all, or are we going to see random cases such as this, brought to the publics attention? Do we need to consider the laws of equal opportunity in such cases - ALL TREATED IN A LIKE MANNER? Rudd queries PM's staff making 126 Wikipedia edits Is this such a big deal? Is it not one of the features of wikipedia that attracts people - the ability to edit and update. Is it so odd that a politician would ensure that any promotion was tailored for their purposes - thus using wikipedia in a way that suits to get elected? Leave it with you all whilst I digest and post my responses to my own questions.


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