Wednesday, 15 August 2007

A Decision - Extreme - Terrifying - Solution

As a result of difficulties my eldest( a chronic fatigue sufferer), has been having at school and no apparent, easy or speedy resolution or assistance, in sight at the school's end, I have made a decision, placing faith in myself that I have the ability to homeschool my child. Please note that he is in year 10 in Australia - as I am not sure of the exact equivalents globally. I have found the past day to be most interesting upon reflection. Why - well let me share. I have been involved in education/learning since I entered the workforce as a teacher in secondary school. I have travelled the world, been afforded incredible opportunties for professional and personal development others dream about. I have always tried to give my learners the very best learning experience by remaining current, listening to their needs, exploring and connecting with others, learning from others, seeking the great, the new, the engaging, all that will enhance the learning and potentially the learners future. I have always sought guidance from those who I know (connected with online in the majority), seek only the best for their own learners and I think it fair to say, those who are the 'true carers of learners globally' . I have always acted upon and integrated the new into the now (if and where appropriate of course), believing it to be my professional, ethical and moral duty. are more expert when required (SNT making this so much easier and adding so much value to learning globally). I have always believed that sending my child/children to school was just what you did, believing homeschooling was not the best option due to the isolated nature of the learning. Despite all that I have done, believed, felt in the past, what I am feeling now is honestly sheer 'panic' combined with a constant questionning of my past views, opinions, attitudes towards, other systems (home schooling in this case). Why is it that I believe I can provide the very best learning one person can possibly provide to the children of others, yet at this point, my confidence in providing the same for my own child is so low? The simple answer may just be the nature of the situation and the mindset change involved: This is my child and he deserves the best education/learning that I can afford. Now the mindset has to be for me is: This is my child and he deserves the best education/learning I can provide. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I am going to create a blog , sharing the journey that my son and I are about to embark on, warts and all. As soon as my son and I have completed this first task (plan, design, publish a blog), I will point to it from Classroom 2.0, so that you may join us on our adventure. Oh, and if anyone out there has any tips, experience, knowledge or is in a similar challenging situation, please know that anything offered is appreciated 1000 fold and anything I can offer others the same.

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