Saturday, 25 August 2007

Money Spent on Filters - washed away - Schoolboy hacks in 30 minutes

A Short post as I am still laughing - can you imagine what we all could have done with the money wasted by government on their so called 'filter' Picked up your post on the state of play in Australia, regarding the blocking of snt for learners and kids at home (the porn filter) and the interesting USE of snt by those in politics - Mr Howard, Mr Rudd.I had a chuckle when I realised that the government had put out a youtube to promote joining the defence forces during the gap year and at the same time, they were busy behind the scenes blocking the very people that, one would have thought was a key market.You maybe interested in this update. It appears that the incredible filter they have been talking of here, that will keep all children safe, has been hacked by a school boy in Melbourne in around 30 minutes.And how much did they spend on this exactly???? Porn filters no barrier for net users,21985,22303468-2862,00.html I have made similar comments to yours on my blog of late - if you wish to peek -

Friday, 24 August 2007

Freedom of Speech & Social Networking Tools and Technologies - At Odds in Australia!

It appears to me, that as social networking tools are leaping out at those not ready for them (where have they been), that the world is still not ready for them as we are seeing knee jerk reactions, as to their use. In Australia, most educational insitutions have or are in the process of, denying access to as many social networking tools and technologies as possible. We have this article 'Sky's the limit for MySpace' which acknowledges the growth, the power and the ways in which Myspace is being used globally, with no signs of slowing - only signs of infinite evolution. The article talks about the positives of myspace and the benefits it is bringing to so many around the world. I have to admit, that I would question any music business course or any music course that did not integrate myspace into the learning as I would many other subject or course areas. The sooner those responsible for the education/learning of those in Australia, come to grips with the fact that the world has changed and act accordingly, the better off the learners and in the long run, Australia will be. As you will note from past posts, there is much being done in Australia to block all of these sites on campus and in schools. This done instead of helping learners to use productively and safely. No sense to me at all but it is the way it is and we need to see it change. I have just found the two articles below in todays paper and I am now questionning what appears to be the censorship of the private worlds of others. It is great that the article acknowledge the use of social networking tools and technologies - yes they are being used by many for many reasons - believe it or not. Cats axe star's blog Questions: Should those in the spotlight have their rights to Freedom of Speech taken away? Is this just taking things too far? Who is going to check that all footballers are doing what they consider 'right'? Does this mean the AFL is going to create a policy that is fair to all, or are we going to see random cases such as this, brought to the publics attention? Do we need to consider the laws of equal opportunity in such cases - ALL TREATED IN A LIKE MANNER? Rudd queries PM's staff making 126 Wikipedia edits Is this such a big deal? Is it not one of the features of wikipedia that attracts people - the ability to edit and update. Is it so odd that a politician would ensure that any promotion was tailored for their purposes - thus using wikipedia in a way that suits to get elected? Leave it with you all whilst I digest and post my responses to my own questions.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Homeschooling using Social Networking Tools and Technologies - My son Zane Begins His Journey

A brief update on my son's progress, this week - the week he has begun his learning journey at home. Zane has created a blog amongst other things, just in a few days this week. It was all new to him, although he did say, that creating his blog was similar to setting up his myspace, which he did ages ago on his own. You will find updates on his blog as he goes along. I hope you enjoy travelling this path of so many unknowns with Zane and myself. Thank you to all for the amazing offers of aid and encouragement for Zane. It means so much to both of us and greatly appreciated. Jacinta

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

A Decision - Extreme - Terrifying - Solution

As a result of difficulties my eldest( a chronic fatigue sufferer), has been having at school and no apparent, easy or speedy resolution or assistance, in sight at the school's end, I have made a decision, placing faith in myself that I have the ability to homeschool my child. Please note that he is in year 10 in Australia - as I am not sure of the exact equivalents globally. I have found the past day to be most interesting upon reflection. Why - well let me share. I have been involved in education/learning since I entered the workforce as a teacher in secondary school. I have travelled the world, been afforded incredible opportunties for professional and personal development others dream about. I have always tried to give my learners the very best learning experience by remaining current, listening to their needs, exploring and connecting with others, learning from others, seeking the great, the new, the engaging, all that will enhance the learning and potentially the learners future. I have always sought guidance from those who I know (connected with online in the majority), seek only the best for their own learners and I think it fair to say, those who are the 'true carers of learners globally' . I have always acted upon and integrated the new into the now (if and where appropriate of course), believing it to be my professional, ethical and moral duty. are more expert when required (SNT making this so much easier and adding so much value to learning globally). I have always believed that sending my child/children to school was just what you did, believing homeschooling was not the best option due to the isolated nature of the learning. Despite all that I have done, believed, felt in the past, what I am feeling now is honestly sheer 'panic' combined with a constant questionning of my past views, opinions, attitudes towards, other systems (home schooling in this case). Why is it that I believe I can provide the very best learning one person can possibly provide to the children of others, yet at this point, my confidence in providing the same for my own child is so low? The simple answer may just be the nature of the situation and the mindset change involved: This is my child and he deserves the best education/learning that I can afford. Now the mindset has to be for me is: This is my child and he deserves the best education/learning I can provide. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I am going to create a blog , sharing the journey that my son and I are about to embark on, warts and all. As soon as my son and I have completed this first task (plan, design, publish a blog), I will point to it from Classroom 2.0, so that you may join us on our adventure. Oh, and if anyone out there has any tips, experience, knowledge or is in a similar challenging situation, please know that anything offered is appreciated 1000 fold and anything I can offer others the same.

Clear the chalk dust learn afresh

Could there possibly be a push finally for the 'rights' and 'needs' of LEARNERS now and in the future? I am running with this as a positive and hope to see and hear more in Australia, that helps all citizens not just those within education, understand not only that times have changed (which can give you a sore head) but in what ways, how and the consequences of not embracing the gifts provided on the www within a learning context - well maybe that should be a societal context. I hope you enjoy the article.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Top 100 Tools for Learning at 10 August 2007

TOP 100 TOOLS FOR LEARNINGas at 10 August 2007 I stumbled over a site that provides a section, listing the current Top 100 Tools for Learning. I have not delved deep within the entire site, however I did feel that this page would be useful for all as I have certainly gained an insight into other worlds and tools unknown to me before. The layout provides easy reading and the links to each tool, allow you to learn more about what each one does, is used for or in some cases takes you to the development tools offered. It is also useful if the budget is on the mind, as it lists costs/free. I hope it is of value to you as it has been to me.

From The One Who Hates Involvement In Politics Of Any Kind - This May Shock You!

Yesterday I realised that the world of OZ has turned upside down and I fear it is destined to remain there for some time to come. Announcement: Government will do all in its power, use as many resources as required, force all ISP's to apply web filtering programs, blocking pornography and protecting users of the net. Please do not quote those exact words, but to me that is the essence of this ploy. Who do you make your primary target audience for such an announcement? Who else, but 10's of thousands of Christians around the nation (maybe around the globe) There is much I could say about the chosen audience, however I will clip my wings a little and just say: When did those from all the other religions drop off the planet exactly?????? Who is present and speaking as Christians to Christians, bringing such good news to the chosen ones? The PM and the Leader of the Opposition What medium is used for such speeches and assurances that they have the answers and can keep all safe, through blocking all they consider inappropriate? On Stage, broadcast, webcast, podcast - did they know they were using the very technologies they want to block? At this point in time, this creature who detests any involvement personally in politics - I am not good at it, so best leave it to those who are and move on - I am left numb. I am faced with having to vote in the elections in this country later this year and I do not want to see either of these people running not only the country but our entire future. Their traditionalist attitudes, the mix of contradictions: PM uses youtube to market joining the defense forces - uses for other messages Other Politicians have myspace's But All those in educational institutions in this country are being denied access to such sites. To add to it and finish it for me was the article you will find below. I agree with everything said - it is unworkable and should be a crime. What makes my blood boil however is the fact, that they have done this whole 'Christian' gig yet their has been no feasability study conducted?????????????? Time for someone to put a rocket up these people.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Cyberspace stole Cathy's Identity

This article has just been posted and I found it most interesting. Whilst I do not wish to make light of cyberbullying (a victim myself within a professional online network) or the concept of identity theft, but I am going to ask maybe a contaversial question - 'Can your identity be stolen?'. I look forward to your insights.

Social Networking Boom Reaches The Workplace

Social Networking boom reaches the workplace - article - The Age 03/08/07 I have long believed that social networking tools, would not only reach the workforce, they would become another item that has the potential, for businesses, NFP, Sole Traders, Self Employed and Multinationals, along with those in the trades. In 2007, we have seen an increase in the business/charity/trade/health and other sectors, employing social networking tools. some for marketing and PR purposes, some as a part of training initiatives and others for collaborative research in the science areas and I am sure many others. Politicians, globally are seeing the power or myspace and the potential it has to increase their audience, get across their policies and raise campaign funds. My contention all along has been that, the workplace, industry, NFP, politics and more, are more open minded, fear less the dangers, see the benefits and are adopting, adapting, embracing and employing, and integrating social networking tools, into their daily practice. The fear for me is that, in many of our learning institutions today, primary - tertiary, many such tools and related technologies are being blocked both from learner and teacher/trainer/facilitator/lecturer, on campus. If is this is allowed to continue, are we not disadvantaging our learners, are we not providing for them an unreal world, one removed from the reality of what is happening now, in workplaces where one day they may wish to be a part of. How can I or anyone, teach subjects in the business sector without working with the learners in various online tools and technologies, is I can not access them. How can they learn to use them safely, productively and strategically, when there is no ability to access the sites required. How can I fulfill my duty of care, to provide a learning experience that is current, relevant and of the highest quality, if I am blocked from the ability to engage them in the worlds ahead of them. How can I provide them with the skills they will require to survive and succeed, no matter what the future brings. So many questions, some ideas forming (thanks to many thought provoking comments and emails for which I thank you), no solution yet, but hope is never lost. Jacinta

Virtual Festivals Propels Festivals Into Web 2.0

Virtual Festivals Propels Festivals Into Web 2.0

I just stumbled upon this rather interesting additiion tot Web 2.0 and its applications with respect to but in the long run not limited to music. Posted: 01-08-2007 Virtual Festivals propels festivals into Web 2.0 Independent music portal Virtual has taken its biggest stride yet in its crusade to bridge the gap between live music events and online by unveiling its most ambitious development to date; 'MyStage', a fully-featured, user-generated content platform within the Virtual Festivals website that allows fans to share their own videos, photos and blogs with the world. Weblink: Virtual Festivals Propels Festivals Into Web 2.0 Url: http://www.virtualfestivals.comIndependent music portal Virtual has taken its biggest stride yet in its crusade to bridge the gap between live music events and online by unveiling its most ambitious development to date; 'MyStage', a fully-featured, user-generated content platform within the Virtual Festivals website that allows fans to share their own videos, photos and blogs with the world.This exclusive facility now adds a whole new dimension to the festival-going experience by empowering anyone in possession of a video-capturing device, be it a camera or mobile phone, to upload and broadcast their personal festival experiences to a worldwide audience of millions. Just like YouTube and Flickr, users can rate each other's submissions, subscribe to receive content from particular users, sort footage according to popularity, search by tag (keyword) and even embed content on third party websites (such as their MySpace or Facebook profiles).In addition to standard photos and video clips, users can also publish live 'video blogs' which record a real-time feed from the user's webcam directly onto the web server, removing the need to save material to disc beforehand. Another innovative twist allows users to create bespoke 'widgets' - dynamic, viral content windows, which can be placed on third party websites to highlight his or her latest, most viewed or highest rated content on Virtual Festivals.Beyond the fans, MyStage offers considerable benefits to the industry. Festival organisers are able to have their own official channels, providing them with unlimited video streaming potential and a ready-made audience at no cost, and Virtual Festivals is currently in talks with several major festivals about integrating a white label version of the platform with their official websites. The service also offers attractive new opportunities for sponsor brands to interface directly with Virtual Festivals' highly targeted audience and several major brands have already signed up for campaigns (to be announced shortly).The addition of user-generated content completes the transition of the organically-grown website, first launched from its founder's bedroom in 1999, from a static information site to an open lifestyle portal, on which user-generated and editorial content coexist to create dynamic, participatory experiences. The process began in earnest when Virtual Festivals integrated with in March and reinvented itself to become the social network for festival goers.Virtual Festivals Founder and Managing Director Steve Jenner Comments: "I've always been frustrated with festival coverage - whether it's on TV, in the press or online, even on our own site - because, no matter how good it is, it is always going to be limited to a subjective viewpoint of the event, and therefore only part of the whole picture. Finally, by empowering every person present at an event to contribute to the coverage, it becomes possible to objectively capture the magic of a festival. This prospect - a founding goal of mine for Virtual Festivals - leaves us tremendously excited."


Myspace How did I get involved? Living with my teenage sons and 18 year old god daughter, I thought I should check out what they were talking about. It was all yet an other language to learn, if I was to communicate with them. Why did I set up a myspace? I am on the committee of the only charity in this country for OZ musicians ( Being a charity, we are trying to cut down on promotional expenses, thus as our website is in urgent need of attention (that is on the drawing board), I decided to try a myspace and see what would happen. I had no idea of the power it has or how it operated but after playing around with backgrounds etc (lots of free ones out there and more coming everyday), I set up my account and off I went. First day I went in and added 20 'friends' people I did not know but were in the OZ music industry and if nothing else it would help with awareness raising of the Charity. Second day, I had those 20 and 30 requests to be added as a friend. I sorted them and approved the ones I thought were strategic, beneficial in the long run (you do need to be careful of the creepy ones who try to get in with their porn and the like). I continued to add at least 5 a day and always got more in return. I posted bulletins about membership of support act - and was advised yesterday that membership requests have increased 300% in the last 3 weeks. What I found interesting with the bulletins is that if you post, they go out to all of your friends - if you then email a couple of friends that you have developed relationships with and ask them to post out to their friends, it is near on impossible to work out how many friends get your bulletin. I know the first one I posted and then emailed to others, went something like this: My friends = 540 email friend1 = 3,700 email friend 2 = 10,000 email friend 4 = 765 email friend 5 = 4,569 If you consider that some may not read etc - even if 10% took notice and decided to join up that is still alot of people and boy, every $33 helps the charity to help those in need. So where am I 4 weeks down the track: As of todays count I am nearly at the 1,000 friends mark Bands/Artists have sent and are sending memorabillia to us so that we can raffle and auction at events Bands/Artists have offered to give their time gratis to play at events Music Mags nation wide, including Tripp Media have offered free advertising for Support Act, both online and hard copy Many sites are now showing the SAL banner, with a hyperlink to the website Promoters have provided tickets for raffle and auction to concerts, such as Robbie Williams, Diana Ross and the list goes on. Last but not least this thing takes on a life of it's own, expands exponentially and needs time and careful management, if you are serious about it. There is more but this gives you a general picture and a starting point. What is intriguing me at present is that we had 'myspace', 'myspacemusic', myspacecomedy' - when will we have myspace business' and can this type of tool be used for educational purposes. There are many business in the skate clothing arena and the like, venues etc that have their own myspace and are tapping into the 'myspacemusic' - many of the owners being in their very early 20's. What effect will this have on business in the long run? What effect with this all have on our ability in education to truly provide for the needs of our charges in the future? Are we moving fast enough in education or are we slipping behind? All of this and many more questions racing around in my head, forced me to google myspace - I have provided for you a number of links, so that you too - if interested can have a read. I found it amazing to find that the myspace generation is even in Wikipedia and connected to the 'igeneration' which is a sub-branch of the 'y-generation' Okay my head is spinning, so now it is your turn to have a read if you will and share any of your thoughts or experiences on myspace or any of the other tools such as facebook. Xanga or Haystack. Oh - here are the URL's for my 'myspace' - if you wish to take a peek. My URL My Blog URL The MySpace Generation They live online. They buy online. They play online. Their power is growing. - 78k - The MySpace Generation Kids today have Web feet, and they're running all over sites like -- 40 million members and growing -- that build social networks. - 26k - Trends in the Living Networks: The MySpace Generation The MySpace Generation. BusinessWeek continues its attention to the unfolding online world with a cover story titled The MySpace Generation. ... - 16k - Talkin' 'Bout MySpace Generation If you're 35 or older, the term MySpace probably does not register with you. But for many young people, this. - 31k - Wait till the MySpace Generation hits the Workforce - Web Strategy ... The myspace generation is already in the workforce. Currently we are faced with a situation where monitors are showing an average of 1.5 - 2.5 hours per ... - 63k - Marketing to the MySpace Generation (and the Economics of Social ... In acquiring MySpace, News Corp made a bold move in attempting to understand and manage an online channel which Generation Y audiences are using to connect ... - 52k - 7 Nov 2006 - Internet generation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Other neologisms to denote this demographic cohort include iGeneration, [2] and the MySpace Generation. [3]. Other terms that have been used in conjunction ... - 24k -

Anti social media. What is it?

anti-social media n.  Communication  channels  favoured  by  the aged , and those that don't want to be "part of the conversatio...