Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Protect Yourself. If invited into an online community ask if they will protect and provide legal aid if members publicly bully and defame you.

I have thought long and hard about posting this but it is the truth and in writing and there is no confidentiality clause in the email or attached to it. To do the right thing by the community I was invited into again as I was thought to be of value and to wait whilst I was advised management were looking into the matter, oh and asked twice in email to refrain from posting for the time being. I decided to make a final post after hearing nothing, stating that I would be leaving, that due to recent events I did not feel safe posting in that environment, that I would seek other environments to hopefully continue to learn from others, share my ramblings and collaborate where the opportunity presented itself. I wished all well. I found a response to my post yesterday, pointed at me and as far as I am concerned defamatory. *********************************** It reads: Re: My final Post by Barry Maloney - Friday, 27 April 2007, 07:47 PM Well I'm not saddened but it is a shame to see people leave this discussion group. I see the value in all posts and sometimes the truth hurts. I am adult enough to weigh the ridicules against the constructive as I believe that all posts are valuable and add to the community. I believe that eventually this community will consist only of a truly professional membership. A group of people who are not self-centred, not paranoid and who have education at heart. Those who willing to ride the troughs as well as the crests of the waves. Those who wish to learn without taking their bat and ball when the running away when things get a little tough. *********************************** I wrote to management and advised them that this was out of control. I had refrained for longer than I should have, I believed them when they said they were working on a resolution, I bowed out, seeing I seemed to be somewhat of a problem and despite everything I continue to get hit and defamed and my credibility shot down, I am even a child so it seems. I asked for assistance, for a legal representative to talk to - surely the management must take some responsibility to protect those that re-enter the community on their written invitation?? *********************************** The following is the email response to my concern and request for aid in this situation "Baxter, Cathy" to me, Kerry show details Apr 30 (13 hours ago) Hi Jacinta As you are aware lots of members have valued your contributions, Jacinta. And you would be aware too, that through the group moderation process members have supported you. We have taken a strong stance with those who do not value the contributions of others - resulting in the unsubscribing of members who have consistently disregarded the Code of Conduct. The comment you have highlighted is generalised and open to interpretation. We continue to wish you all the best in your discussions and in all your professional endeavours. Kind regards Cathy *********************************** Wow, I guess I should feel really important and valued now. How can they just walk away? Recently this man in a thread he began, referred to me as a 'potato' and asked the question: How long should you cook a 'potato' Other posts that were a little more subtle, so can not say directed at me but interesting they were in my thread, which he seemed to despise and wonder why he was in there at all - he has a delete button I am sure. This one, very pointed and damaging and not only am I not offered any form of aid, this man is still allowed to post in the community, the one I was asked not to post in for the time being and then left. Guess, I can be subjected to any form of abuse, ridicule and have my credibility attacked to the core of who I am as a person in this community now I have left, and no one wants to help. So glad I got out and found those who have not only a desire to learn and value others, but who know right from wrong. Thanks everyone - thoughts and comments are helping me deal with this.

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