Thursday, 19 April 2007


  1. Alex's post got me onto a short post of my own and led me here. It's so important now that we insist that people be open and identifiable as real before we engage with them on blogs and in forums. I feel for you, Jacinta, as I've been lucky enough to escape the spotlight of hate that others have cast your way. Keep contributing to the edna forums where your expertise is invaluable for educators like myself. Let's hope the real contributors, whether they agree with your posts or not, stand tall and push the trolls out of business.

  2. Hi Graham
    Thanks for the kind words. I would continue to post if I was able to. I have been advised by management not to for the time being at least, so not sure when I will be back.
    I must admit that I am a little upset at being asked to remain silent. I believe it sends an incorrect message to whoever has been playing mind games.
    So, upon some advice, I have decided to join the blogosphere. I am not going to be intimidated to the point whereby I have to hide away, although I can fully appreciate Kathy Sierra's current position. I do hope that in time Kathy will feel as if she can venture back and feel safe, although after any trauma the road is often difficult.
    If the support I have received publicly and privately is a fraction of what Kathy has received then I hope she is feeling as if she is surrounded by light and support.
    I do not really see myself as an expert, I am learning like we all are about the changing landscape of the www and the changing needs of our learners. Collaborating and sharing for me has been the key to my own personal and professional growth and I hope that I can continue to achieve that in the blogosphere.
    Thanks again, your support and kind words mean a great deal and certainly encourage me to keep on going.


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