Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Bullying on and offline - Part 5

So I awaited my phone call.  It was a senior manager at HIT.  I was told I was being nominated as a flexible learning leader and had the support of the director. I was told I needed to convince the Australian Flexible Learning framework panel that I would share all of the information I learnt as an FLL during the scholarship year.

The next day I had a call from the panel.  Boy it was tough to convince them I would share the information from HIT.  You know what I pulled it off and I was telling the truth.

When I returned to Australia my full role was spelt out to me.  I was to work with senior management  and the e-learning department, to get the middle managers on side with e-learning as there was great resistance.  I was to manage a team of e-learning facilitators, learn instructional design and gain clients who needed e-learning modules.

I was on top of the world, Having the respect of my peers was awesome but I was wrong.  My decision to take on the role eventually led to my downfall as the bullying began then.


Sunday, 16 September 2018

What and how should I write?

I have numerous readers asking me if I set the site up myself, did I pay for it? What should I write and how should I write?

Its simple I began the blog in 2007 just when people began blogging. A change fro 2018 when it is calculated that their are 440 million blogs on the web.

I had a passion for e-learning and all the new and what I saw as exciting developments, then it was myspace.

So I found topics, did a great deal of research and began writing.  I have never professed to be a great writer but Im not to bad at telling a story.  Its a family thing.

My advice is to set up your own blog, with Wordpress or blogger for example.  They are easy to use, won't cost you a penny to use.  Your only cost will be your domain name.

What and how should I write?  Find a topic/s that you are passionate about and skilled in and just write.  Tell your story.

I know thats brief but it really is as simple as that.  Oh and don't forget to tag your posts for the maximisation of SEO.

Bullying on and offline - Part 4

So the time had come to go to Xing Tai University.  A 6 hour train ride from Beijing.  We arrived in the middle of the night and herded into a van with no windows.  My sons and I were quite creeped out and wondered if we were safe.

Xing Tai is not on any tourist map.  It is a coal mining town with millions of people.  The roads were not sealed, all dirt so the ride was a bumpy one.  When we stopped and arrived we got out and were stunned.  The University was amazing.  New large buildings, Playing fields, shops and more.

We were ushered into a private dining room were we where treated to a banquet, a welcoming ceremony.  The boys got to meet their nanny and we all had a wonderful time.  Time for bed so we were taken to a new block of apartments especially for the International teachers.   The boys were tucked into bed and I took the time to check my emails.

No one can explain it but I began to hallucinate.  the water cooler was dancing with the TV, the couch was moving.  It was to worst experience I had ever had.  My sons called the lady in charge and they took me to hospital or at least thats what they called it.  I was an oddity.  A westerner with blonde hair at the time.  I was poked and prodded by doctors with dirty white coats on.  They attempted to give me a needle which I strongly and I mean strongly refused.

Im not sure how long I was there but I slowly began lucid.  One problem, now that I was back in reality the hospital was far worse than I thought.  There were rats running around.  The toilets or long drain was piled with faeces.  I demanded to be taken back to the apartment.  I spent the next day in bed recovering.

I pulled myself together and began my duties.  I was there to teach marketing law, to train the staff teaching in the International program Certificate 1V in work place training so that they were qualified to teach and to do an audit on how they had been running the program.  All went well the students were lovely, the staff attentive and management grateful for our help.

The next day I had a message left for me that someone from HIT would be calling me the following day.  I was more than curious.


Friday, 13 April 2018

bullying on and offline Part 3

So being sent to China and being an ELF made me no friends amongst my colleagues.  I was seen as a pest.

In 2003 I was sent back to China for another 4 months, before that I continued lecturing and doing my ELF duties.  There was relief amongst the staff as the pest was leaving for a while so they could sit on their laurels.

I returned to Beijing and was welcomed with open arms as were my children who were allowed to join me.  My boys were provided with a tutor, attended some of the Chinese classes, taught students how to play monopoly and taught by the Chinese students how to play ping pong.  

I went about my daily duties and this time as well as teaching, I was asked by my Australian employer to conduct an audit on how the program was being run when we were not there.

I discovered that the Chinese staff had been collecting all our data and were still running the courses in mandarin instead of in English.

Once again I was held in high regard and my comments did not upset everyone, instead they went about changing their methods.  No bullying anywhere or from anyone.

I felt sorry for many of the students who were hoping to come to Australia to study once they had their diploma of business.  Many just did not have the funds to do so.  

They were all entrenched in the communist country that was theirs.  They had to carry their red cards everywhere they went.  If they didn't they would be disciplined. Trust me though working in China just meant being careful of what you said to others and I was advised that every inch of tienaman square was bugged so not to say anything against communism or you could just disappear. We were advised not to trust anyone - a culture left over from the days of past reigns when even family members did no trust each other.  Sad but true. Whenever we went to the square we were very careful and just had fun flying kites.

Again I and my boys were spoilt rotten on the weekend with more day trips to all the significant destinations.  It was winter and freezing so everything was so different as we went in the summer the year before.

At one stage our toilet broke down and the only way to flush was to get water and place in the toilet.  The boys had a good idea - get snow put it in the microwave to get water.  So we shovelled snow, placed it in bowls in the microwave. When it was finished we opened the microwave to find a bowl of black sludge not clear water.  Even though there was a fresh blanket of snow, the coal in the air for heating had impregnated the snow.

We ended up having to use a bucket to do our business in - a real treat.

To be continued.......................................................................................................................

Bullying on and offline Part 2

So your probably thinking what is her problem with such an amazing opportunity teaching in China.  It was sensational.  The students were wonderful my Chinese colleagues amazing and the day trips sensational.  The only problem was getting the students to not cheat on tests.  Crafty little devils.

My young children were able to come along and visit with me for the two week break.  We were so blessed to have Chinese friends that everyday was turned into yet another amazing experience.

After 4 months I returned to Australia.  Now used to being held in high regard I walked back into a world that did not do the same.  The adjustment was tough and the disparaging comments by other staff made me uncomfortable.  They just could not understand why I thought it was incredible. I got back into the swing of things and continued my duties. One of those was working as an ELF (e-learning facilitator), a change manager within my department.  This already had the back up of many staff.  They did not want to change, threatened by technology was a huge barrier.  At this stage my first task was to get staff to use email, yes email.  

This in itself created issues.  Many just could not see the point.  One staff member in particular had over 2000 unread emails and many staff kept wondering why they were missing out on meetings, information etc - WHY- they had been told that no longer would meetings etc be printed on paper and put in the pigeon holes they would be sent an email.

Seriously it was like pulling teeth and I had a constant headache from being frustrated.  Why did I see emails potential.  Did the staff realise the learners used it outside and themselves were being encouraged to use the new student email to contact their facilitators.  Again staff showed resistance and many told learners not to email them.  Resistance was at a high.  

The bullying started then.  Those staff who showed the most resistance avoided me. I was put out in the cold by most.  Even managers told me to slow down as even they were having trouble with change.

Little did I know but the bullying had only just  begun.

To be continued.................................

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Mobile Technologies in Learning - New or old

I just read a recent article on the 7 reasons why mobile technologies were important in learning.  Sorry but I read and engaged in the same back in the early 2000 - does not look as if we have progressed very far in this area at all - poor learners.

Bullying on and off line Part 1

For anyone being bullied it is a horrid experience. I for one can attest to that after suffering at the hands of bullies.  Those who have power over you pushing the very life out of you breath by breath.

I share now with the world what brought me to my knees, put me in a private clinic for depression and being diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  This tore my world as I knew it apart, everything and everyone in my life suffered and are still suffering.  I too suffer as I have not been able to work and have tried to take my own life twice.

Everything started off well as I will express however I quickly learnt that what appears great can become a nightmare.

It all started on 2002 when I was accepted to go to China to run business courses through the Institute I worked with, that had started a cooperative program with BCBI, Beijing Chinese Business Institute and Xing Tai University.  The other staff I worked with thought I was mad.  I on the other hand was exited and took it as a compliment to be chosen.

I went to China and had the time of my life.  Yes I had to work and no it was not easy but those chosen to look after me always took me somewhere different on the weekends.  The great wall, Summer Palace and all other destinations I had only dreamed of seeing.  Me a nobody was held in great regard just for being a teacher - yes in China a teacher is revered, they even have a National Teachers Day where staff and students celebrate you - what a change from here huh.

My first day of teaching Marketing Law was an eye opener to say the least. I had the usual text book and asked the learners to get out there books.  One by one they took out printed copies of the text in black and white.  I was speechless.   After all copyright was part of the course I was teaching.  I asked those in charge why this had happened and was advised that they could not afford the real texts so they had taken apart the text sent to the teachers from Australia and sent them to the printers around the corner.  I did put it in my report to Australia as I was also doing a review of how the program was working but nothing was ever said.  It became the norm and I just had to run with it.

Another curious thing was the names of the learners. They had been asked to select an English name for their new teachers. As a result I was confronted with apples, oranges, cats etc, I think you get the picture.  Interesting to say the least.

Look out for the continuation tomorrow.  

Bullying on and offline - Part 5

So I awaited my phone call.  It was a senior manager at HIT.  I was told I was being nominated as a flexible learning leader and had the su...